March 30 2020

In Tackling the Carbon Footprint of Oil Majors, Digital Technologies Could be Key

Oil majors appear to want to trap fugitive methane emissions first to show that they are taking their carbon footprint seriously.

March 25 2020

Digitalization Helps Oil Producers Wring Out Profits, Even in Hard Times

The oil sector has done well over the past years in doing just that. One of the many reasons why the price of oil has generally fallen over the past decade is that many firms have worked out how to find, extract and refine oil more efficiently.

March 16 2020

Is This The End of The U.S. Shale Oil Revolution?

If prices remain near $30 and drilling activity drops in proportion to prices, U.S. output could fall by over 1 million barrels a day by year end, some operators may struggle to survive, and the spillover could impact the broader economy.

March 10 2020

Miners Begin Cleaning Up Their Act With Renewables

Miners, which account for 22% of global industrial emissions, are facing more pressure to decarbonize than ever before – from investors, customers in the technology and auto industries, and even consumers further downstream.

February 25 2020

Whatever Engie is Selling, Corporations are Buying it

Engie SA spearheads a long list of developers selling clean energy to corporations through PPAs in 2019.

February 19 2020

U.S. LNG to Shut in Before Gas Replaces Coal in EU Power

Exporters of U.S. LNG may be forced to keep gas at home during the next seven months despite the potential demand in the German power sector.

February 18 2020

India’s Top Wind Suppliers in 2019

India added 2.4GW of new wind capacity in 2019 – marginally above its 2018 installations of 2.3GW. The top two turbine makers grabbed 49% of the Indian market in 2019.

February 18 2020

Virus, OPEC, U.S. Supply, The Trade War and IMO: Key Drivers of Oil Markets in 2020

The coronavirus is significantly impacting oil demand in China as travel by road, rail and air across the country has collapsed following the Lunar New Year break. The demand shock has forced domestic refiners to cut their operation rates

February 10 2020

California Household Battery Sales to Quadruple in 2020

California residential battery sales will more than quadruple in 2020. After widespread and lengthy outages in 2019, customers installing solar are willing to pay a premium to add storage for backup.

February 3 2020

Latin America Hit New Clean Energy Investment Record, 2019

Latin America’s clean energy investment rebounded last year – increasing 54% on 2018 levels to hit $18.1 billion.


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