August 30 2022

The Road to Electric Car Supremacy in Five Charts

California’s 2035 ban on the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles is yet another nail in the coffin for the internal combustion engine. As policy makers step up, automakers shift strategy and consumer appetite grows, the future of our cars is looking increasingly electric. There are risks ahead, namely being able to successfully scale up battery […]

August 17 2022

US Climate Bill Changes the Game for Two Key Sectors

The passage of landmark climate legislation in the US through the Inflation Reduction Act marks a stunning turnaround for climate advocates, policymakers and other stakeholders mere weeks after legislation appeared dead. The bill would inject at least $369 billion into the US clean energy economy – with a good chunk going to the power sector, […]

August 16 2022

The World’s Addiction to Plastic in Five Charts

When it comes to the war on plastic, we aren’t even close to winning it. In the absence of significant intervention, demand for plastic is set to surge over the coming decades. Not only will this result in more greenhouse-gas emissions as plastic manufacturing increases, the build-up of waste will also inhibit the ocean’s ability […]

August 10 2022

The Oil and Gas Industry’s Methane Problem in Four Charts

As the likes of Shell and ExxonMobil continue to generate bumper profits this year, the oil and gas industry’s windfall stands in stark contrast to two crises gripping the world: soaring inflation and climate change. Shareholders are certainly reaping the benefits of the record earnings in the form of buybacks and dividends. But the planet […]

August 8 2022

Sustainable Debt Issuance Dips as Scrutiny Increases

This could be the first year that sustainable debt issuance is not higher than the year before. Nearly $750 billion of sustainable debt instruments — including sustainability-linked bonds, green bonds and green loans — were issued in the first half of 2022. The comparable number last year was $900 billion. Unless there is big spike […]

August 5 2022

Europe’s Green Hydrogen Rules Raise Costs for Industry

The European Union (EU) has made clean hydrogen a pillar of both its net-zero target for 2050 and its near-term efforts to get off Russian gas. To enable the scale-up of the industry, the EU released its definition of hydrogen that will qualify as green and the budget for its long-awaited carbon contracts-for-difference scheme. The […]

August 3 2022

Race to Net Zero: Challenge of Greener Aviation in Five Charts

Chaos at airports may be hogging the limelight in the aviation industry right now, but once the disruption subsides, there will still be a pressing and long-term challenge to address: how to cut emissions to help address the climate crisis. Emissions from aviation amounted to 1 gigaton of carbon dioxide in 2019, equivalent to around […]

July 21 2022

Race to Net Zero: The Pressures of the Battery Boom in Five Charts

Drivers around the world are feeling the strain of higher gasoline prices to fill up their cars. But metals could soon become the new oil in the road transport sector, underpinning the batteries that will power the electric vehicle revolution. As demand continues to grow, battery producers and automakers are scrambling to secure access to […]

July 12 2022

EU Says Yes to Stronger Carbon Market and No to Financials

The European Parliament has agreed on the market reforms aimed at strengthening the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) after a divisive first vote earlier this month. The new emissions reduction goal for sectors covered by the ETS is a 63% cut by 2030 from 2005 levels, more ambitious than the 61% curtailment proposed […]

July 8 2022

Canada Could Become the Next Metals Powerhouse

The war in Ukraine has highlighted the risks associated with the supply chain for metals needed for the energy transition.


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