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Perspective is the ultimate advantage; it reveals what others don’t see. In a world of true believers, in one form of energy or another, we place our faith in the power of data and reason. To light the path to a cleaner, more diversified energy economy. Because wherever turbines turn we know what they really generate is opportunity.

Thank you for joining us at The Future of Energy Global Summit 2017! We hope to welcome you back to New York City next year on April 9-10, 2018. For further information, please contact bnefsummit@bloomberg.com.

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Agenda topics

Political, economic and energy environment post 2016

Power market transformation

Will electric vehicles disrupt the energy industry?

The transformation of the world’s energy sector is influenced by the changing political and economic landscape. This session will analyze some of the major trends — from the new US administration and its domestic and international relations, to energy security, emissions regulation, national competitiveness, consumer and voter desires and climate targets. What has changed? And how do we see the next few years?

Wholesale electricity markets have seen declining demand, dramatic injection of cheap gas and growing penetration of low-cost wind and solar. Load profiles are expected to change, driven by energy storage in stationary and electric vehicle applications, and load profile shifting. How will these changes affect the market? How will prices for consumer and industrial users evolve? What choices do regulated and investor-owned companies face? What decisions will market operators and regulators take?

Global EV sales are rising quickly – up 60% in 2015 – and are the main source of potential new load growth over the next 20 years, reducing oil demand in the process. But utilities around the world are responding differently. Some are moving quickly on charging infrastructure, rate reform and grid reinforcement, while others have taken a different tack. In this panel we’ll look at the prospects for further EV growth, the implications for oil demand, diesel demand, and how utilities are positioning themselves to build businesses out of the electrification of transport.


Grand Hyatt New York

109 East 42nd Street

New York, NY 10017

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Summit overview

Since its inception in 2008, the Future of Energy Summit has featured a unique convergence of the old and the new – traditional players and advanced-energy leaders . It continues to create an environment for making new connections, and serves as a forum to discuss the critical energy issues of today and the next decade.

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Opportunities generated

2017 Summit highlights

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