March 3 2020

Compressed Air Can Compete and Thrive in Lithium Age: Q&A

“As penetration grows, you keep needing longer-duration storage and now in many pockets of the grid, they are requiring and demanding over 10 hours,” VanWalleghem said in an interview with BloombergNEF. “Lithium-ion is not a fit in that market. This is where compressed air, flow batteries, certain types of thermal applications will really kick in and take over.”

February 7 2020

Firms Using Renewables Take Up E-Cars More Quickly: Q&A

Lithium Urban Technologies, a provider of electric car fleets to companies in India, offers “up to 40%” savings to clients switching from their conventional fossil-fuel vehicles. A part of this saving is attributable to the use in charging of renewable energy,which is priced much lower than grid power.

January 22 2020

Cement Industry Struggles to Adapt to Low-Carbon Diet: Q&A

By Richard Stubbe, BloombergNEF. This article first appeared on the Bloomberg Terminal. Decarbonization hasn’t been easy for the cement industry. The sector, which produces about 4 billion metric tons of the world’s most common building material every year, also puts almost 4 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, or about 7% of […]

January 7 2020

Decarbonizing Industrial Heat a Key to Climate Fight: Q&A

Industrial heat, or the thermal energy used in manufacturing processes, is largely unseen, even though it is a big producer of greenhouse gas emissions. Governments around the world can play a critical role in decarbonizing industrial heat by using their procurement policies effectively, according to one energy expert.

December 16 2019

U.K. Solar Can Live Without Subsidy or Long-Term PPA: Q&A

NextEnergy Capital Ltd says it will build as much as 1.2 gigawatts of solar power projects in the U.K. without either government-set subsidies or long-term power purchase agreements with utilities or corporate electricity buyers.

December 9 2019

H&M, Chanel, M&S Back Reuse Market for Sustainability: Q&A

Globechain is an online reuse marketplace, capitalizing upon corporate demand for reducing waste and gathering data on environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact. The platform shares parallels with eBay or Amazon, and in the last two years has signed up more than 10,000 business members in the U.K.

November 25 2019

Getting Power to the Last Billion, One Box at a Time: Q&A

Grid extensions are the primary way to boost electricity access, BNEF reported in its Frontier Power Market Outlook in March, but they aren’t the only way. The Boston-based startup OffGridBoxbuilds what the company name implies: boxes that work off the grid. Specifically, the boxes are 6-foot cubes with solar panels mounted on top.

November 14 2019

Natixis to Weigh Climate Risk When Deciding on Loans: Q&A

By Bryony Collins, BloombergNEF. This article first appeared on the Bloomberg Terminal. Natixis SA has started to incorporate climate risk into its credit decision-making process, with deals deemed to have a negative environmental impact required to be more profitable than so-called ‘green’ deals.In the “most extreme” cases, a deal might not be struck at all […]

November 5 2019

Low-Carbon Ventures From High-Carbon Industries: Q&A

Oil and gas companies are putting money into finding marketable ways to reduce those emissions, in part by joining to create the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative, an investment fund announced in 2014.

October 14 2019

International Groups Spot Allure of India Rooftop Solar: Q&A

Commercial and industrial users present an especially appealing use case for solar power. Since they pay India’s highest electricity tariffs, they can see an immediate saving when they switch to solar.


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