August 20 2020

Solar Power Finds Ripe New Market in Crop Protection: Q&A

Which solar panel works best with which crop? The answer to that question is being sought in hundreds of farms around the world.

August 4 2020

Oil & Gas Majors Pivoting to Renewables in Pandemic: Q&A

The global pandemic of 2020 has slowed down demand for oil and gas but provided a big boost for renewables, said Mona Dajani, partner and global head of energy and infrastructure at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP in New York.

July 27 2020

Virus May Speed Low-Carbon Shift, Google’s Hamel Says: Q&A

The Covid-19 pandemic is hurting the clean energy industry now but may bring about a boom similar to the effect of the 2008 recession, Jeff Hamel, Google’s head of industry partnerships, said in an interview with BloombergNEF.

June 29 2020

Merger Complete, Invinity Targets Solar-Plus-Storage: Q&A

Invinity Energy Systems, the vanadium flow battery company formed in April by the merger of the North American firm Avalon Battery and the U.K.-based redT, is focusing on the North American energy storage market, specifically on solar-plus-storage applications.

May 26 2020

Pandemic May Slow, Won’t Stop Momentum of Renewable: Q&A

The global Covid-19 pandemic may slow some work on renewable energy projects but the market for corporate power-purchase agreements remains strong, Engie North America’s chief executive officer said.

May 11 2020

EV Owners To ‘Drive for Free’ by Flexing Car Battery: Q&A

Electric vehicle owners will be able to “offset the cost of driving 10,000 to 15,000 kilometers per annum” by using their car battery to provide flexibility services to the grid.

April 16 2020

Virus Adds Obstacles for Renewable Energy Projects: Q&A

First the coronavirus disrupted the renewable energy supply chain, hitting directly at the key manufacturing hub of Wuhan, China. Now it’s hitting the demand side as the widespread lockdown hampers the U.S. economy, where solar projects are nearing completion and facing deadlines to qualify for tax incentives.

April 8 2020

Virus Affecting Execution, Not Strategy: Q&A

The 21-day lockdown imposed by India to deal with the new coronavirus has hit India’s power demand, and will impact new power projects in the pipeline, according to the $3.9 billion Tata Power Company, one of India’s largest power generators in the private sector.

March 17 2020

India Minister Vows System Rejig to Cut Power Prices: Q&A

India’s power and renewable energy minister, Raj Kumar Singh, is promising an overhaul of the country’s power system that would lead to cheaper power for commercial and industrial users.

March 10 2020

How Virus Outbreak May Change Solar Manufacturing: Q&A

First there were the U.S. tariffs on solar components from China, now the coronavirus has struck in the heart of its manufacturing base, and still the solar industry is cranking out more and more panels at lower and lower costs.


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