February 2 2021

Developing the Technology to Decarbonize Canada: Q&A

Climate scientist Phil De Luna has a big assignment -- the decarbonization of Canada, which emits more than 700 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent annually.

January 28 2021

World’s Largest Solarization of Agriculture Program Blooms: Q&A

India is rolling out a multi-billion dollar program to build hundreds of new solar plants to supply cheap power to its farms, in what appears to be the world’s largest program for the ‘solarization’ of agriculture.

December 17 2020

As Delivery Gets Even Bigger, Ayro Is Ready to Roll: Q&A

EVs are starting to take off as passenger vehicles but Ayro Inc. is seeing a place for them in light-duty work – deliveries and short passenger rides.

December 1 2020

Batteries in Solar Installations Becoming the New Norm: Q&A

Pairing batteries with solar in residential applications is quickly becoming the norm in the U.S., particularly in California, SunPower Corp. CEO Tom Werner said.

November 26 2020

Airbus Sees Hydrogen Aircraft Taking Off in the 2030s: Q&A

Zero-emission passenger planes will be “commercially viable in the 2030s”, powered by hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

November 9 2020

Bangladesh Set to Cross 1-Gigawatt Renewables Mark: Q&A 

Bangladesh will reach the 1GW renewables mark in 2021, with solar in the lead.

October 14 2020

India ‘Walking the Walk’ on Climate: Q&A

India – one of the world’s five largest carbon emitters – is set to meet its Paris climate commitments several years ahead of the 2030 target.

September 15 2020

Maldives Pitches Sunshine to Solar Investors: Q&A

The tourism-driven economy of Maldives has been hit hard by the pandemic. Yet, it is doubling down on its clean energy transition plan which revolves around solar power.

August 20 2020

Solar Power Finds Ripe New Market in Crop Protection: Q&A

Which solar panel works best with which crop? The answer to that question is being sought in hundreds of farms around the world.

August 4 2020

Oil & Gas Majors Pivoting to Renewables in Pandemic: Q&A

The global pandemic of 2020 has slowed down demand for oil and gas but provided a big boost for renewables, said Mona Dajani, partner and global head of energy and infrastructure at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP in New York.


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