November 14 2019

Natixis to Weigh Climate Risk When Deciding on Loans: Q&A

By Bryony Collins, BloombergNEF. This article first appeared on the Bloomberg Terminal. Natixis SA has started to incorporate climate risk into its credit decision-making process, with deals deemed to have a negative environmental impact required to be more profitable than so-called ‘green’ deals.In the “most extreme” cases, a deal might not be struck at all […]

November 5 2019

Low-Carbon Ventures From High-Carbon Industries: Q&A

Oil and gas companies are putting money into finding marketable ways to reduce those emissions, in part by joining to create the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative, an investment fund announced in 2014.

October 14 2019

International Groups Spot Allure of India Rooftop Solar: Q&A

Commercial and industrial users present an especially appealing use case for solar power. Since they pay India’s highest electricity tariffs, they can see an immediate saving when they switch to solar.

October 8 2019

Artificial Intelligence Goes Underground With Urbint: Q&A

AI and machine learning have well-known applications in modern machinery, but Urbint applies AI to some of the oldest urban infrastructure there is, gas distribution lines.

September 23 2019

Wind-Turbine Math: Fewer Failures Equal Bigger Profits: Q&A

Operating expenses account for about 60% of the cost of running a wind farm, and unexpected breakdowns account for about 60% of operating expenses, said Bruce Hall, CEO of Onyx InSight, which monitors more than 5,000 turbines around the world.

September 9 2019

Africa’s $40B Market for Cooking Fuel Is Being Cleaned Up: Q&A

KOKO Networks is stepping into Africa’s $40 billion market for household cooking fuel with its non-polluting bioethanol cooking technology that undercuts the cost of using charcoal by as much as 40%, Greg Murray, chief executive and co-founder of the Nairobi-based company, told BloombergNEF in an interview.

August 27 2019

Fleet Operators See Dollar Sign From Recharging the Grid: Q&A

Fleet operators will be able to earn revenue from using the aggregated battery storage potential of their electric vehicles to store excess renewable power from the grid and dispatch it when needed, Tarak Mehta, president of ABB Ltd.’s electrification business.

August 6 2019

Solar Sails Unfurl in Bid to Make Shipping Green: Q&A

Arrays of solar sails affixed to the ships that carry global trade over the world’s oceans could be one of the answers to making the shipping industry cleaner and greener, according to Greg Atkinson, founder and chief technology officer of Eco Marine Power Co.

July 29 2019

Dell Eyes $63 Billion E-Waste Recycling Opportunity: Q&A

Dell has “saved almost $2 million in the last five years” from using closed-loop recycled plastics in the manufacture of more than 120 of its products and aims to expand the program, said Louise Koch, corporate sustainability director EMEA.

July 23 2019

BP Sees Electric Cars Charging 100% in 5 Mins by 2021: Q&A

BP Plc said it is focused on reducing the amount of time that drivers need to spend at refilling station forecourts, as the oil major expands its footprint in electric vehicle charging.


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