July 9 2019

Key to Limitless Power by 2030 Lies Within the Sun: Q&A

The ST40 fusion reactor built by U.K.-based Tokamak Energy Ltd., with its inner and outer vacuum chambers, “poloidal and toroidal” field coils and inner plasma, is designed to bring about the same process that fuels the sun – and point the way to the generation of clean, safe and abundant heat and power on Earth.

July 2 2019

This Self-Driving Electric Vehicle Happens to Fly: Q&A

“A drone is a self-driving electric vehicle that happens to fly,” DroneDeploy CEO Mike Winn said. “The hardware is getting better and the software is getting better and will be able to help our customers in new ways. The products are becoming smarter, they can fly farther, they can capture better data.”

June 25 2019

India Can ‘Leapfrog’ to an Electric Car Fleet: Q&A

The Indian company that is the world’s largest provider of street lighting says it has taken a “leap of faith” in preparing to install 10,000 electric vehicle charging stations in its home country in the next two years.

June 11 2019

Solar’s Hot New Thing Nears Production: Q&A

Oxford Photovoltaics a U.K. company developing solar cells that use a crystalline material called a perovskite to achieve higher conversion efficiency, says it is aiming to have a 250-megawatt-a-year production line operating by the end of 2020.

June 4 2019

Green Climate Fund to Commit $1.5B to $5B Yearly: Q&A

The Seoul-headquartered Green Climate Fund has approved $5 billion for about 100 green projects in developing countries over the last four years, in the form of debt, equity, grants or guarantees.

May 28 2019

Rise of the Sensors May Unlock $18 Trillion in Value: Q&A

Uptake uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to prevent failures by trucks, locomotives and wind turbines, taking data from connected sensors -- the Internet of Things -- to detect unusual vibrations or temperature changes that often precede failures and then alerting humans who can arrange maintenance.

May 13 2019

Innolith Battery Strikes at ‘Flammable’ Lithium-Ion: Q&A

Energy-dense Innolith batteries could make EVs cheaper than ICE vehicles.

May 7 2019

Water Becomes the New Land for Solar Plants in India: Q&A

Utilities and companies in India are planning hundreds of megawatts of solar projects floating on water bodies as it becomes increasingly difficult to secure large parcels of land.

April 23 2019

EBRD Eyes Ways to Make Green Project Finance Multiply: Q&A

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is on track to reach 40% green financing share in overall operations by 2020, with nearly two-thirds of that going to prevent energy wastage.

April 15 2019

Goldman Rocks Japan Solar With New-Style Securities: Q&A

The rapid expansion of clean energy in Japan in the wake of the Fukushima earthquake and nuclear disaster almost eight years ago helped usher in a new way to finance infrastructure projects, according to Toru Inoue, a vice president with Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s infrastructure and structured finance group.


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