UK Energy Efficiency Trends – April 2015

Energy Efficiency Trends is a quarterly report focused on the UK market, providing insight into non-residential energy efficiency. In this edition (Vol. 10) we supplement our core market trends information with an analysis of the wider political and economic landscape. The small matter of a UK General Election on 7 May means it would be remiss not to canvas at least some political views!

Building on our established measure of industry satisfaction with government intervention, this quarter we have gone further, to reveal deeper insights into the key policies, regulations, taxation and subsidies favoured by the industry – or not, as the case may be. And in doing so we are able to see some divergence of views between suppliers and consumers within the sector; with competing objectives it is not unsurprising that this should be the case. See pages 18–23 for further details.

The other striking current affairs issue relates to energy prices and the related trend towards macroeconomic deflation. As we commented last quarter, UK inflation has been reported to be at the lowest rate in 14 years, in part due to the dramatic fall in oil and gas prices. This broad trend looks set to continue and presents energy efficiency professionals with a materially altered economic landscape in which to operate. As part of the Special Feature section, we examine these issues and, in particular, how the sector considers these lower energy prices may impact on the business case for – and attractiveness of – energy efficiency investment.

We hope that you find these wider market insights useful; and we look forward to taking stock in the next quarter, once the country has spoken on who should lead the development of UK energy efficiency policy (amongst other things) on 7 May!

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