April 9 2024

BloombergNEF Announces 11 Climate Innovators as the Winners of the 2024 BNEF Pioneers Award

BNEF’s annual Pioneers award recognizes game-changing technologies or innovations with the potential to accelerate the transition towards a net-zero economy across three key climate challenges.

April 8 2024

G-20 Members’ Climate Policy Progress Stalls

The world’s largest economies have made limited progress in boosting their decarbonization policies over the past year – a red flag for climate action as the urgency of the crisis ramps up.

April 4 2024

Electrified Transport Market Outlook 1Q 2024: Speed Bumps

With 4.4 million units sold globally in the fourth quarter, and 13.7 million in 2023 as a whole, electric vehicles made up 18% of total passenger vehicle sales in the world last year. However, a likely slowdown in annual growth rates is on the horizon.

April 3 2024

Big Oil Pivots Away From Renewable Power on Low Returns

The oil and gas sector is shifting away from renewables and power in its decarbonization efforts, according to BloombergNEF’s latest analysis of the energy transition investment trends in the industry.

March 28 2024

Citi, JPMorgan First Adopters of Energy Finance Ratio

Citigroup Inc. has joined JPMorgan Chase & Co. in agreeing to disclose to investors their clean energy financing ratios, or the proportions of their low-carbon to fossil-fuel financing activity.

March 27 2024

Lack of Capital Isn’t the Problem in Meeting Net-Zero Bill

Climate change won’t be a cheap problem to solve, with the race to net-zero emissions needing $4.8 trillion to be spent every year between now and 2030 on clean energy technologies.

March 21 2024

No Doubt About It: EVs Really Are Cleaner Than Gas Cars

As electric vehicles become a bigger part of the global car fleet, a contrarian take seems to surface every few months: are electric vehicles really that clean? 

March 20 2024

United Airlines Is Betting Big on a Pricey Green Aviation Fuel

Green jet fuel, also known as sustainable aviation fuel or SAF, is priced two or three times higher than conventional fuel.

March 14 2024

Small Solar Is Driving Biggest Green Market in Latin America

Solar installations are set to jump in Brazil – the Latin American giant accounting for over 80% of the total clean energy investment in the region last year.

March 12 2024

China’s Clean-Truck Surprise Defies the EV Slowdown Narrative

For all the headlines about automakers dialing back their plans for electric vehicles, there have been some pockets of surprisingly positive news on EV adoption the last few months.


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