March 24 2023

Coal Clings On as Climate Time Bomb Nears the Point of No Return

A post-pandemic resurgence in coal use shows how the world’s dirtiest fossil fuel won’t be an easy habit to kick.

March 21 2023

1H 2023 Energy Storage Market Outlook

Energy storage hit another record year in 2022, adding 16 gigawatts/35 gigawatt-hours of capacity, up 68% from 2021.

March 17 2023

Tech Firms Seal US Dominance in Corporate Clean Power Purchasing

US firms are the most prolific buyers of clean energy.

March 14 2023

US Oil Production Enters the Slow Lane With No Exit in Sight

Oil production growth in the US is expected to remain muted this year, with output forecast to settle somewhere between 12.4 million to 12.9 million barrels per day, according to the latest update from BloombergNEF.

March 9 2023

Sustainable Agriculture Is the New Green Revolution

The global agriculture system is on the verge of a new revolution.

March 8 2023

A Power Grid Long Enough to Reach the Sun Is Key to the Climate Fight

A 152-million-kilometer supersized grid is what’s needed to power a greener future and avert climate disaster, according to BloombergNEF.

February 28 2023

Financing the Transition: Energy Supply Investment and Bank Financing Activity

In 2021, banks financed 81% as much low-carbon energy supply as fossil fuels – for every dollar of bank financing activity supporting fossil-fuel supply, 0.8 supported low-carbon energy.

February 23 2023

Climate Risk Disclosure the Next Big Thing in Sustainable Finance Policy

Sustainable finance policies have grown more numerous and complex in recent years, demanding financial institutions comply and regulators learn from each other.

February 15 2023

Carbon Capture Investment Hits Record High of $6.4 Billion

Investment in carbon capture and storage (CCS) has more than doubled since last year to hit a record high of $6.4 billion.

February 13 2023

Electrified Transport Spending Soars, Transition Rolls On

Now, in a shifting global automotive landscape, spending on electrified transport is rocketing skywards.


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