March 2 2021

BloombergNEF 2021 Executive Factbook

BloombergNEF’s Executive Factbook is our look at the most important developments in decarbonization, digital transformation, and the energy transition.

February 23 2021

GE Remains Top in Record Year for U.S. Wind Additions

The U.S. added more wind capacity than ever before in 2020. Some 16.5 gigawatts of capacity was installed – far exceeding the previous record set in 2012.

February 16 2021

Annual Offshore Wind Installations to Triple This Decade

The offshore wind industry is emerging unscathed from the Covid-19 pandemic. By the end of the decade, BNEF expects cumulative capacity to breach the 200GW mark, reaching 206GW.

February 16 2021

The Lifecycle Emissions of Electric Vehicles

The lifecycle CO2 emissions of medium segment battery electric cars produced in 2020 and used for 250,000 km would be between 18% and 87% lower than those of equivalent internal combustion engine vehicles in the five countries included in this report.

February 16 2021

Heating Could Add 5% to U.K. Electricity Demand in 2030

The U.K. government’s heat pump sales target could add 14 terawatt-hours (TWh) to electricity demand by 2030. This is a 5% increase in electricity demand compared to BNEF’s base case.

February 11 2021

Nobel Prize Winning Discovery Could Harness Resiliency and Sustainability of Crop Production

Within agriculture, novel gene editing technologies have the potential to revolutionize the breeding of new crops, giving them desired characteristics such as better nutrient content, longer shelf life, improved productivity or resiliency.

January 26 2021

Industrial Analytics Survey Shows Price Convergence and Business Model Innovation in 2020

Digital technologies are bringing significant benefits to the power, oil and gas and manufacturing sectors. However, many companies are still cautious about investing because of the uncertain as to the costs and business models of new software technologies.

January 22 2021

Oil Markets in 2021, Things Can Only Get Better?

Both upside and downside risks remain, yet BNEF expects total oil demand to increase by more than 4.7m b/d in 2021.

January 18 2021

Wind and Solar Supply One-Tenth of India’s Power in 2020

Wind and solar power plants generated 9.3% of all grid-based power demand in India in 2020 - an increase from their 8% share in 2019.

January 15 2021

Carmakers’ Solid-State Battery Bet Benefits Long-range EVs

The promise of energy dense and safe solid-state batteries has attracted investments in the technology from a range of automakers, but development approaches differ.


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