July 29 2021

The EV SPAC Boom Could Have Been Even Bigger

Special purpose acquisition companies, or SPACs, are still a hot ticket right now for the electric-vehicle sector.

July 27 2021

Better Batteries Tomorrow Need More Lithium Hydroxide Now

For more high-performance electric vehicle batteries, the market needs to plan for more lithium hydroxide today.

July 26 2021

Growing Optimism On Electric Trucks

There are many reasons to be optimistic about electric vans and trucks. Why? First, let’s look at two important characteristics of the global commercial vehicle fleet: weight class and duty cycle.

July 23 2021

Enerkem, Shell Pivot to Bio-Jet Fuel as Demand Set to Soar

The prospect of growing demand for clean aviation fuel is capturing the attention of producers, encouraging some to change course and prioritize the sector.

July 19 2021

Startup Innovations for Sustainable Materials: BNEF Climate-Technology White Papers

Our second whitepaper in this series 'Advancing sustainable materials' focuses on strategies for making more sustainable materials, with a particular lens on how we can make materials using more sustainable feedstocks.

July 13 2021

Tuk Tuks and Bikes Show the Way to Net Zero

Two-wheelers, three-wheelers and buses already are well on their way and can probably even achieve net zero well before 2050, thanks in large part to an early start in China with these segments that’s now spreading to other countries.

July 9 2021

China’s Onshore Wind Dominance to Rise, Rest of World Challenges Offshore

The wind sector brushed off the effects of Covid-19 in 2020 to install 97GW, smashing the previous record set for annual installations in 2015 by over 30GW.

July 5 2021

Electric Vehicles and Oil Are a Tale of Two Halves

The rollout of EVs will profoundly affect the oil market, but not equally.

June 30 2021

Offshore Wind-to-Hydrogen Sounds A Starting Gun

Offshore wind could become an important way to produce hydrogen at scale. The project pipeline is growing rapidly, costs are falling and non-economic factors are poised to boost uptake.

June 25 2021

The EV Price Gap Narrows

Electric vehicles should be cheaper to buy on average than combustion vehicles in about five years, without subsidies.


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