February 11 2019

War on Plastics May Stunt Oil Demand Growth Projections

Projections of growth in oil demand led by petrochemicals are by no means a sure thing, Richard Chatterton, Head of Oil Demand, BNEF.

February 5 2019

Social Bond Market Tops $11 Billion as Financials Wake Up

The market for social bonds climbed 41 percent to $11.1 billion last year, according to BloombergNEF research.

January 24 2019

On-Site Solar is a Cost Saver and a Hedge on Energy Prices for African Businesses

With its immense energy deficit and crumbling infrastructure, Sub-Saharan Africa could be fertile ground for solar developers. Still, despite high hopes and years of effort, the region’s solar market has struggled to grow.

January 22 2019

Australia to Be Largest Residential Storage Market in 2019

State governments in Australia are getting behind residential storage – solidifying Australia as one of the most attractive markets in the world.

January 16 2019

Transition in Energy, Transport – 10 Predictions for 2019

BNEF’s 10 Predictions for 2019, encompassing clean energy generally, solar and wind, battery storage, electric vehicles, U.S. natural gas, international LNG, oil markets, digitalization, and energy in China.

December 17 2018

GE’s Digital Division Spin-Off Could Lead To Other Industrials Following Suit, Looking For Sustained Growth

General Electric has announced it will launch a new, independent, industrial IoT company in 2019, in which it will place all GE Digital, GE Power Digital, and Predix products. This new business will provide software to GE, GE software customers, and new customers.

December 14 2018

Expensive Oil, LNG Point to Mexico Power Plant Investment Thesis

Foreign and domestic investors are eyeing opportunities to undercut the high costs of incumbent generators in Mexico.

December 10 2018

Climatescope 2018: New emerging leaders in clean energy investment

This year's Climatescope offers compelling evidence that developing nations are at the forefront of change toward a cleaner-powered future.

November 21 2018

Flexibility Solutions for High Renewable Energy Systems

Flexibility Solutions for High-Renewable Energy Systems, a new pair of reports published today by BloombergNEF in partnership with Statkraft and Eaton, explores the possibilities for solving the power system flexibility challenge in the U.K. and Germany. The studies analyse the potential contributions of energy storage, demand response, flexible electric vehicle charging and interconnections to Nordic […]

November 19 2018

Microgrids Capture More Energy Access Startup Funding

This article first appeared on the BNEF mobile app and the Bloomberg Terminal. Startups selling energy to off-grid areas raise $308 million Funding in the sector may decline for first time in 2018 Startups distributing solar-based energy products to those not adequately served by the conventional electric grid in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia have raised $1.3 billion […]


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