January 26 2023

Five Need-to-Knows About the Future of Voluntary Carbon Offset Markets

The next few years are a sink or swim moment for carbon offset markets, which allow for the trading of verified emission reduction credits equivalent to one ton of carbon each.

January 24 2023

US to See Dramatic Growth in LNG Export Capacity

The US is on course to more than double its gas liquefaction capacity over the next five years.

January 20 2023

Next $100 Billion EV-Charger Spend to Be Super Fast

Total investment in electric vehicle chargers looks set to cross $100 billion later this year.

January 19 2023

Wind and Solar Propel Net-Zero Power Supply Investment

The world’s search for new, cleaner and more secure sources of low-carbon power — including the use of fossil fuels fitted with carbon capture technology — may present as much as a $45.8 trillion investment opportunity by 2050.

January 18 2023

The Leaders and Laggards in the Quest to Reach a Circular Economy

As the world continues to grapple with its plastic waste crisis, BloombergNEF’s annual Circular Economy Ranking reveals the companies that are leading the charge to develop more sustainable packaging and those that are falling behind.

January 11 2023

Top 10 Energy Storage Trends in 2023

These 10 trends highlight what we think will be some of the most noteworthy developments in energy storage in 2023.

January 10 2023

Energy Transition in 2023: Into a New Era

2022 marked the end of an era in the low-carbon energy transition, in more ways than one.

December 29 2022

A Year of Breakthroughs and Setbacks for the Race to Net Zero, in Five Charts

It’s been a mixed year for the race to reach net-zero emissions.

December 27 2022

2H 2022 Levelized Cost of Electricity Update

The Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) analysis is our assessment of the cost competitiveness of different power-generating and energy storage technologies across the world.

December 21 2022

China’s BYD Winning 2022 Electric Vehicle Sales Race

The electric vehicle superstar of the year is China’s BYD, with sales well past a million units and still going strong. 


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