August 14 2017

Traders Will Get Access to $500 Billion China Power Market

This article first appeared on the BNEF mobile app and the Bloomberg Terminal. China commercial, industrial power use more than all of U.S. China State Grid Corporation controls 70 percent of market Potential size of China electricity spot market vs. U.S. Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance, China Electricity Council China’s power market deregulation opens up retail […]

August 10 2017

Green bonds: 2016 in review

Green bonds issuance boomed in 2016, despite the slowdown in new clean energy investment. We look at the most important developments of the green fixed income market in the past year to understand why issuance is rocketing, and where the market could go from here. The green bonds market continues to grow exponentially, with $95.1bn […]

August 8 2017

EU Draft Plan May Extend Coal Power, Slow Gas Growth

This article first appeared on the BNEF mobile app and the Bloomberg Terminal. New EU pollution limits to take effect in 2021 Capacity payments could help utilities upgrade coal plants Europe electricity generation from coal and gas Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance Coal generators in the European Union could finance upgrades to comply with the […]

August 1 2017

Ofgem’s Vision for U.K. Energy

By Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s European Power Transition team. This article first appeared in BNEF’s ‘EU Power Weekly’ publication, available to clients on the web and on the Bloomberg Terminal. The U.K. has laid out a vision for the future of its energy grid. The report envisions distribution companies like UK Power Networks moving increasingly […]

July 31 2017

3Q 2017 Frontier Power Market Outlook

The market for micro-grids and hybrid generation in emerging economies is getting bigger, with particularly strong demand from islands, remote regions, and the mining sector. While the project count remains small, policy-makers and project developers are growing more comfortable with the role that micro-grids and stand-alone solar kits play in serving remote regions. Small-scale diesel […]

July 31 2017

European Offshore Wind Players Look To China For Growth

This article first appeared on the BNEF mobile app and the Bloomberg Terminal. China’s market to be bigger than the U.K. or Germany by 2022 China could make up a third of the total market by 2030 Global cumulative installation forecast Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Note: ‘Other’ includes Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, […]

July 25 2017

Companies Converge on The Internet of Things Opportunity

This article first appeared on the BNEF mobile app and the Bloomberg Terminal. Inexpensive data-sharing makes improved efficiency possible Software, hardware firms interested in fragmented industry Companies mentioning the IoT in filings Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance Note: References refers to mentions of the phrase ‘Internet of Things’ or ‘IoT’ in company filings and publicly released […]

July 19 2017

All Forecasts Signal Accelerating Demand for Electric Cars

Forecasts of how many electric vehicles (EVs) will be joining the global fleet are all moving in the same direction — up. Exxon Mobil Corp. raised its 2040 forecast to 100 million EVs from 64.8 million the previous year. Last year BP predicted 71.4 million by 2035, and now it sees 100 million. The International […]

July 17 2017

Bounce in U.S., China Clean Energy Investment Buoys 2Q

This article first appeared on the BNEF mobile app and the Bloomberg Terminal. $64.8 billion invested in clean energy in 2Q 2017 Investment propelled by $2 billion solar deals in UAE New investment in clean energy, 1Q 2004-2Q 2017 ($billion) Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance The second quarter of 2017 saw $64.8 billion invested in […]

July 10 2017

Lithium-ion Battery Costs: Squeezed Margins and New Business Models

This analysis is by Bloomberg New Energy Finance analyst Claire Curry. It appeared first on the Bloomberg Terminal and on  Lithium-ion battery manufacturers built large amounts of capacity in 2011, expecting significant demand from EVs. But passenger EV sales were lower than expected in 2011-H1 2015, meaning demand for lithium-ion batteries was low and […]


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