June 12 2024

1H 2024 Offshore Wind Market Outlook: Course Correct

Offshore wind additions are set to hit a new high in 2024, as several newer markets including the US, France and Taiwan ramp up build.

June 11 2024

CCUS Market Outlook 1H 2024: Trough of Disillusionment

The US remains the top player in the carbon capture market with a 39% market share in proposed capture capacity by 2035, but the delay in finalizing 45Q guidelines is stalling projects.

June 6 2024

Warmer Weather, Low Gas Prices Could Threaten Energy Transition

Warmer weather is impacting energy markets in a way that could put the energy transition at risk.

June 4 2024

Lithium-Ion’s Grip on Storage Faces Wave of Novel Technologies

The domination of lithium-ion batteries in energy storage may soon be challenged by a group of novel technologies aimed at storing energy for very long hours.

May 30 2024

1H 2024 US Clean Energy Market Outlook: Moving Past 2030

Almost 1 terawatt of new solar and wind capacity will connect to the US power grid between 2024 and 2035, BloombergNEF forecasts.

May 29 2024

1H 2024 Hydrogen Market Outlook: Targets Meet Reality

Clean hydrogen production could as much as triple in 2024 and rise 30-fold by 2030. While impressive, it is a far cry from what most governments have envisioned in their strategies.

May 28 2024

Power Market Outlook: East Meets West as Japan Prices Cool

BloombergNEF expects Japan’s power prices to ease in the coming two years – underpinned by nuclear and renewable capacity additions amid sluggish demand. However, a combination of rising solar penetration and variable weather-driven demand spells deepening duck curves and intraday volatility.

May 21 2024

Direct Lithium Extraction on the Cusp of Commercialization

Many companies are utilizing direct lithium extraction (DLE) to efficiently and sustainably extract lithium. If commercialized, the supply of lithium from evaporation and DLE technology will likely be comparable by 2030.

May 20 2024

US Clean Power at “Inflection Point”: BNEF Summit New York

At the latest BloombergNEF Summit in New York, leaders unpacked key themes facing US clean power in 2024 including: siting and permitting of grids, supply chain uncertainty, negative pricing, tax credit transferability, clean form capacity, and demand growth.

May 14 2024

Hydrogen Supply Outlook 2024: A Reality Check

BNEF expects clean H2 supply to skyrocket 30-fold to 16.4 million metric tons per year by 2030, driven by supportive policy and a maturing project pipeline. However, this is still not sufficient to meet most government targets.


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