January 18 2021

Wind and Solar Supply One-Tenth of India’s Power in 2020

Wind and solar power plants generated 9.3% of all grid-based power demand in India in 2020 - an increase from their 8% share in 2019.

January 15 2021

Carmakers’ Solid-State Battery Bet Benefits Long-range EVs

The promise of energy dense and safe solid-state batteries has attracted investments in the technology from a range of automakers, but development approaches differ.

January 12 2021

Record 2020 Masks Mounting Onshore Wind Challenges

The wind sector has shown resilience in 2020. It is set to deliver its highest-ever installations in a year when Covid-19 has wrought unprecedented economic and logistical chaos on other industries.

January 7 2021

Vietnam Was Likely the Third-Largest Solar Market in 2020

Vietnam’s rooftop solar companies delivered a last-minute boom in time to meet the December 31 solar feed-in tariff deadline.

December 17 2020

Tianqi’s Australian Lithium Plant Costs Double

China's Tianqi Lithium is facing cost overruns and delays at its Kwinana refinery in Australia besides struggling to repay debt.

December 17 2020

U.S. Oil Drillers’ Break-Even Costs Plunge 20% in 2020

This year has been rough for U.S. oil producers, with market prices declining by over $15 per barrel. In an effort to stay economically viable, they have managed to reduce break-even costs by an average of $11.50 per barrel in 2020 compared to last year, BNEF estimates.

December 15 2020

Australia’s Manufacturing Strategy Targets Digitalization

Australia’s manufacturing sector has been declining over recent years, despite the country’s abundant natural resources and skilled workforce.

November 23 2020

How PV-Plus-Storage Will Compete With Gas Generation in the U.S.

This report by BloombergNEF shows how the combination of solar power plants and battery storage can be a clean, economic alternative to an increasingly large share of U.S. gas generation.

November 19 2020

Decarbonization of Eastern Europe’s Energy Mix Key to Higher EU Climate Goals

New EU level targets for 2030 will require fast decarbonization in the power sector, and a major acceleration of the energy transition in some European member states that still rely heavily on coal generation.

October 26 2020

Artificial Intelligence Will Become an Essential Part of Industrial Policy

Governments around the world are rushing to set artificial intelligence (AI) policies in 2020 as nations recognize the technologies' potential, and possible drawbacks.


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