September 21 2023

US Hydrogen Guidance: Be Strict or Be Damned

BloombergNEF’s view is that strict guidance is justified to maximize the emissions reductions achieved by using clean hydrogen, although with a transition period to help the industry grow.

September 13 2023

Dead Horse, Also-Ran, or Unicorn? How Nuclear Fits With Net Zero

For conventional nuclear fission being used today – which involves splitting atoms to release energy – there are two main barriers to it being considered a serious contender in the race to net zero: skepticism around the safety of reactors and radioactive waste disposal, and cost.

September 11 2023

Global LNG Winter Outlook 2023-24

Competition between Northwest Europe and North Asia for liquefied natural gas is set to be less this winter, contrasting last year’s fears of a supply shortage.

September 7 2023

The Race to Localize Clean Technology Supply Chains

Today’s clean technology supply chains are dominated by China, but that may change if factory investments take off elsewhere.

September 5 2023

3Q 2023 Global PV Market Outlook

The global solar market is hitting record highs in volume of installations, and new lows in the price of modules.

August 30 2023

US Carbon Price Rally Is Channeling Money to Investors, Abaters

US markets are leading a global carbon price rally, helping drive dollars to both investors in the technology and the carbon market.

August 28 2023

Occidental’s Big Buy May Change Course of $150 Billion Market

DAC technologies are still seen as early-stage, with the true proof of concept considered to be a plant with 0.5 to 1 million tons of CO2 captured per year.

August 23 2023

Hydrogen Subsidies Skyrocket to $280 Billion With US in the Lead

Subsidies announced for low-carbon hydrogen – a critical input for a decarbonizing world -  have quadrupled over the last two years to cross $280 billion, according to the latest update from BloombergNEF.

August 21 2023

Renewable Energy Investment Hits Record-Breaking $358 Billion in 1H 2023

Global new investment in renewable energy skyrocketed to $358 billion in the first six months of 2023, a 22% rise compared to the start of last year and an all-time high for any six-month period.

August 17 2023

Green Methanol Makes a Splash in Quest for Net-Zero Shipping

Maritime shipping, the lifeblood of the global economy, has long depended on dirty, carbon-intense heavy fuel oils, but a push to decarbonize the sector is under way.


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