May 21 2024

Direct Lithium Extraction on the Cusp of Commercialization

Many companies are utilizing direct lithium extraction (DLE) to efficiently and sustainably extract lithium. If commercialized, the supply of lithium from evaporation and DLE technology will likely be comparable by 2030.

May 20 2024

US Clean Power at “Inflection Point”: BNEF Summit New York

At the latest BloombergNEF Summit in New York, leaders unpacked key themes facing US clean power in 2024 including: siting and permitting of grids, supply chain uncertainty, negative pricing, tax credit transferability, clean form capacity, and demand growth.

May 14 2024

Hydrogen Supply Outlook 2024: A Reality Check

BNEF expects clean H2 supply to skyrocket 30-fold to 16.4 million metric tons per year by 2030, driven by supportive policy and a maturing project pipeline. However, this is still not sufficient to meet most government targets.

May 8 2024

Nature: The New Risk Shaping Sustainable Finance Policies

As policymakers incorporate broader environmental considerations into legislation, banks and investors will be compelled to better understand how to manage nature-related risks in their portfolios and processes.

May 7 2024

Power-to-Liquids Primer: Fuel From Thin Air

E-fuels made from hydrogen and captured carbon dioxide via the power-to-liquids process can boast extremely low emissions compared to fossil fuels, and their capacity is expected to grow through 2030.

May 2 2024

US Coal Plants Face New Rule: Capture CO2 or Shutter

The US Environmental Protection Agency’s final rule on carbon pollution from power plants may not be the boon for carbon capture that it seems.

May 1 2024

EU ETS Market Outlook 1H 2024: Prices Valley Before Rally

BloombergNEF expects the price of EU emission allowances to dip to an average of €65 per metric ton ($70/t) this year, before more than doubling to €146/t by the end of the decade.

April 25 2024

Global Energy Storage Market Records Biggest Jump Yet

The global energy storage market almost tripled in 2023, the largest year-on-year gain on record, and that growth is expected to continue.

April 24 2024

Oil’s $25 War Premium on Iran-Israel Risk Can Rapidly Fizzle Out

Crude oil prices slipped amid rising geopolitical tensions in the Middle East, which seems counterintuitive as conflict in the region can lead to major supply risks.

April 19 2024

China Already Makes as Many Batteries as the Entire World Wants

The cell oversupply picture is going to get worse before it gets better.


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