June 22 2022

$223bn Investment Needed for India to Meet 2030 Wind and Solar Goals

  Renewables crucial for India to meet its longer-term climate goals   New Delhi, June 22, 2022 – India will require $223 billion of investment in order to meet its goal of wind and solar capacity installations by 2030, according to a new report by research company BloombergNEF (BNEF). The goal is part of the […]

April 28 2022

Wind and Solar Corporate PPA Prices Rise Up To 16.7% Across Europe

Corporate power purchase agreement (PPA) prices across Europe have increased 7.2% on average since 2H 2021 and an astonishing 13.5% since 2H 2020, according to our latest European Corporate PPA Price Survey.

April 14 2022

BloombergNEF Announces 12 Climate Innovators as BNEF Pioneers in 2022

New York, April 14th, 2022 – BloombergNEF (BNEF) today announced the twelve winners of its 2022 BNEF Pioneers – early-stage companies that are pursuing significant low-carbon opportunities. The winners’ innovations fill important gaps that address the challenges of generating 24/7 clean power, achieving net-negative carbon-capture, and decarbonizing aviation. Additionally, BNEF selected three wildcard winners. Since […]

April 14 2022

Grid Operators Seek to Speed Up Time to Connect Renewables

As countries seek to reduce their reliance on fossil fuel imports from Russia, the prospect for renewables has never looked brighter.

April 13 2022

Europe’s Path to Clean Energy: A $5.3 Trillion Investment Opportunity

Europe’s energy crisis and rising climate ambition has renewed momentum among policymakers to diversify and decarbonize the energy system.

March 18 2022

Europe Plans Break From Russian Gas

Europe plans to urgently diversify its gas supplies, while accelerating decarbonization efforts to reduce overall gas use.

March 1 2022

Liebreich: The Quest for Resilience – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

The word resilience has become increasingly fashionable in climate circles. At the end of this month, the IPCC will publish the second part of its sixth Assessment Report (AR6), focusing on climate impacts, vulnerabilities and adaptation.

February 22 2022

Corporate Financing for Climate Tech Soars to $165 Billion

Climate-tech companies raised $165 billion across public and private markets in 2021. The energy and transport sectors attracted the most capital, at $68.5 billion and $67.3 billion, respectively.

February 18 2022

China Is the Growth Engine of World’s Low-Carbon Spending

China has cemented its position as the leading country for investment in the energy transition, according to our latest report. It spent $266 billion on the deployment of low-carbon technologies in 2021.

February 15 2022

BNEF Pioneers Finalists Tackle 24/7 Clean Power, Aviation and Carbon Removal

Each year, BloombergNEF runs the BNEF Pioneers competition to identify three key challenges in building towards a net-zero economy, and highlight innovative companies developing technologies to overcome these challenges.


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