2H 2017 Wind O&M Price Index

The average price for full-service O&M agreements signed in 2017 equaled $20,800/MW/yr. Tier 2 IPPs and utilities access the lowest pricing at $20,122 per MW/yr and $21,169 per MW/yr.  Due to their size, large players have tended to be price makers while smaller asset owners with 500MW or less have been price takers. The O&M Price Index tracks prices and terms for operation and maintenance agreements and is closely linked to the Wind Turbine Price Index. It serves as a benchmarking tool for asset owners and service providers.

If you would like to access or participate in the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Wind Operations & Maintenance Price Index, please contact kkruger3@bloomberg.net.

Note: Average pricing for full-service initial contracts only. We do not include contract renewals as this distorts the pricing. Utility is a publicly or privately owned regulated utility. Tier 1 IPP is an independent power producer with at least 1.5GW of installed capacity. Tier 2 IPPs have between 0.5-1.5GW installed wind capacity. Tier 3 IPPs have less than 0.5GW installed wind capacity.

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