June 21 2024

New Life for Nuclear in Push to Triple Global Capacity (Podcast)

On the latest Switched On Podcast episode, Dana Perkins speaks with BloombergNEF’s lead nuclear analyst, Chris Gadomski ,to discuss the future of the nuclear industry.

May 21 2018

CSIS: BNEF’s Sethia on Electricity, Natural Gas, and Climate Policy in Southeast Asia

  via CSIS (Center for Strategic & International Studies) Southeast Asia’s rapid economic growth has been accompanied by equally rapidly-evolving energy and electric power sectors. In this interview, CSIS’ Jane Nakano and BNEF’s Ashish Sethia explain the current state of renewable energy investments, the expanding role of LNG, and the differing approaches to climate change […]

June 20 2017

Bloomberg Radio: Electric Cars Will Be Cheaper Than Gas Cars

https://s3.amazonaws.com/first.bloomberglp.com/multimedia/bnef/BNEF+Colin+McKerracher-EVs+and+batteries.mp3 via Bloomberg Radio New BNEF research shows that falling battery costs will mean electric vehicles will be cheaper than fuel-powered ones in the U.S. and Europe as soon as 2025. Colin McKerracher, Head of Advanced Transport for Bloomberg New Energy Finance, joins Bloomberg Markets AM with Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz to discuss electric cars, battery prices, […]

May 17 2017

TMN: BNEF’s Zindler on How Cheap Renewable Energy Can Change the World

http://first.bloomberglp.com/bnef/Wake_Ep_5_Podcast.mp3 via Talk Media News Read up on solar energy prices and you’ll find a headline proclaiming record low rates for power generation. Renewable energy prices are becoming competitive with fossil fuels. On a given day, Germany generates most of its power from renewables. China is mass producing affordable solar panels, while American engineers and […]

January 11 2017

Science Friday: BNEF’s Zindler on solar manufacturers sufferance as panel prices drop

  via Science Friday Solar panel prices are dropping, and solar manufacturers are being squeezed. But the lower prices are a good thing for homeowners who dream of turning their rooftops into solar energy farms. And the trend is great for solar installers, too. In this episode of Good Thing/Bad Thing, Bloomberg New Energy Finance […]

September 2 2016

KCBS: BNEF’s Curry on EV batteries’ second life

  https://s3.amazonaws.com/first.bloomberglp.com/multimedia/bnef/KCBS+Interview+8-26.mp3   via KCBS (CBS News Radio San Francisco) In this interview, senior BNEF analyst Claire Curry explains that low-cost energy storage could be here sooner than previously thought, thanks to the quick growth of the electric vehicle market and the potential ‘second life’ of EV batteries. For context, today a new stationary storage […]

August 22 2016

CSIS: BNEF’s Zindler on Compensating Distributed Energy Resources

  https://s3.amazonaws.com/first.bloomberglp.com/multimedia/bnef/Ethan-CSIS-160810_energy.mp3   by CSIS (Center for Strategic & International Studies) In this interview, Ethan Zindler and Commissioner Travis Kavulla discuss the recent release by the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) of the draft Distributed Energy Management Compensation Manual, a compendium of rate design options for utility regulators to understand how to best […]

August 11 2016

Bloomberg Radio: Presidential energy plans long on contrast, short on specifics

  https://s3.amazonaws.com/first.bloomberglp.com/multimedia/bnef/Steph.Munro-Trump.mp3   By Bloomberg Business Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump touched briefly on his energy plan when he gave his tax policy speech to the Detroit Economic Club Monday. He reiterated his call to restore jobs in the coal industry and claimed his temporary moratorium on regulations would boost production by $100 billion a […]

January 28 2016

PRI’s The World: Renewable investment hits record high

  https://s3.amazonaws.com/first.bloomberglp.com/multimedia/bnef/Angus+on+BBC-PRI.mp3   via Carolyn Beeler, PRI’s The World Oil prices hit 12-year lows this month as coal and natural gas prices remain low as well. But seemingly counterintuitively, renewable energy investments were at record highs in 2015, climbing 4 percent to nearly $330 billion worldwide according to a recent report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. […]

December 18 2015

Marketplace: Big boost for wind and solar in budget bill

  https://s3.amazonaws.com/first.bloomberglp.com/multimedia/bnef/mp_20151217_seg_17_64.mp3   via Gigi Douban, Marketplace Some big energy industry news is included in the more than 2,000 page document that is the omnibus spending bill under consideration by Congress. One provision would end a decades old ban on exporting crude oil from the U.S. But the bill also includes a five year extension on […]


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