November 14 2017

Cheap Battery Forecasts Kill India’s 25-Year Coal Power Deals

India’s power distributors are balking at traditional 25-year thermal-power purchase contracts, avoiding lengthy entanglements so they can benefit as costs for batteries and renewable energy slide. Now in vogue: agreements that last 10 years or even less. “In the next five to 10 years battery storage may be coming in a big way,” Deepak Amitabh, chairman […]

November 13 2017

West Africa’s Off-Grid Solar Market Boom Drives Lumos Expansion

Written by Olivier Monnier. This article first appeared in Bloomberg Markets.  West Africa’s booming off-grid solar industry is drawing international investors eyeing expansion. Lumos Global, a Dutch off-grid developer that raised $90 million last year to start business in Nigeria, said its expanding in Ivory Coast this month. In both countries, Amsterdam-based Lumos is using […]

November 13 2017

Here’s What Europe’s Carbon-Market Overhaul Means for Businesses

Written by Ewa Krukowska. This article first appeared in Bloomberg News. Europe is stepping up its efforts to cut pollution, and companies across the continent are facing a growing bill unless they go cleaner. European Union policy makers reached a provisional deal last week to overhaul the bloc’s Emissions Trading System, the world’s biggest carbon […]

November 13 2017

Saudis, Coal, Defying Trump: Five Things to Watch at Bonn Climate Talks

Written by Jess Shankleman. This article first appeared in Bloomberg News. Envoys from almost 200 countries are entering the final stretch of two weeks of talks aimed at defending and bolstering the global Paris Agreement on climate change. Delegates meeting in Bonn are seeking to strengthen the landmark 2015 accord, which is already under threat […]

November 10 2017

Germany Could Escape Carbon Hole at Home by Investing Abroad

Written by Mathew Carr and Brian Parkin. This article first appeared in Bloomberg Technology. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel finds herself in a bit of a pollution pickle. After she promised voters just before the September general election that Europe’s biggest economy would find a way to meet its emissions target no matter what, her government […]

November 10 2017

China to Test Easing Curbs on Foreign Electric Vehicle Firms

China’s government said it will carry out a trial by June that would allow foreign carmakers to set up wholly owned electric-vehicle businesses in its free-trade zones, taking the first step toward overhauling the country’s decades-old auto industry policy. The plan, announced by China’s foreign ministry Thursday, will also permit overseas companies to set up factories […]

November 10 2017

One of the World’s Biggest Miners Is About to Go Coal-Free

Written by Thomas Biesheuvel. This article first appeared in Bloomberg News. Just five years ago it would have been almost unthinkable that one of the world’s biggest mining companies would not dig any coal. It’s now likely to become a reality. Rio Tinto Group, the world’s second-largest miner, has been steadily backtracking from coal to […]

November 9 2017

Solar Installers Are Starting to Turn a Profit

Written by Brian Eckhouse. This article first appeared in Bloomberg Technology. There’s long been a Catch-22 about residential solar: despite staggering market demand, it’s been hard to make money doing it. Until now. Sunrun Inc. said Wednesday that it’s cash-flow positive. And Blackstone Group LP-backed Vivint Solar Inc. expects to hit that mark next year. Rooftop […]

November 9 2017

EU Reaches Deal to Overhaul World’s Largest Emissions Market

Written by Ewa Krukowska. This article first appeared in Bloomberg Markets.  European Union negotiators agreed to overhaul the region’s cap-and-trade program, approving a plan to bolster carbon prices and adjust the emissions market to more ambitious climate goals in the next decade. EU permits gained as much as 3.4 percent to 7.98 euros a metric […]

November 8 2017

Coal’s Trump Bump Is Over

Written by Brian Eckhouse and Tim Loh. This article first appeared in Bloomberg News.   It’s been a year since President Donald Trump’s election and his pledges to transform the energy markets haven’t exactly come to pass. In fact, what was true under President Barack Obama is still true today: Coal’s share of the power […]


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