January 12 2018

Why a Natural Gas Tanker Is Looking for Your Car

One thing the world has now in abundant supply is natural gas — liquefied natural gas in particular. To increase demand, producers want to put the fuel into cars, trucks and ships that currently use gasoline, diesel or fuel oil, which are dirtier and cost more. If natural gas catches on, look for it first […]

January 12 2018

India Turns Tesla’s Business Model on Its Head

Tesla Inc. helped electric vehicles gain a mainstream foothold in the U.S. by starting with luxury cars and then moving down-market. India’s nascent transition to EVs is heading in the opposite direction. Many consumers will get their first taste of electric vehicles from public-transit systems and corporate fleets in India, where car ownership per 1,000 […]

January 11 2018

World’s Best Breezes Lead to Cheapest Wind Power in Brazil

In northeast Brazil, beyond the resorts and pristine beaches, lie some of the world’s best winds for generating electricity. Welcome to Serra Branca. It’s a wind generator’s heaven, featuring breezes so perfect for spinning turbines that this Brazilian region is capable of churning out more wind energy than any other part of the world. In the […]

January 10 2018

Bitcoin Can Drop 50% and China Miners Will Still Make Money

  Bitcoin mining is so profitable in China that the cryptocurrency could fall by half and miners would still make money, according to a report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Bloomberg clients can access the full “Bitcoin in Energy Crisis as China Cracks Down” report on the Terminal or on web.  Even at the country’s […]

January 10 2018

Tesla, Neoen Deal Would Outdo Record-Breaking Battery Down Under

The developers of the world’s biggest lithium-ion battery project may surpass their own record as French renewable-energy developer Neoen SAS looks into building another supersized unit in Australia with Elon Musk’s Tesla Inc. A battery with capacity surpassing the old project’s 100 megawatts may be developed at Neoen’s Kaban Green Power Hub, 80 kilometers (50 […]

January 9 2018

Tesla Powers Up New York Gigafactory Solar Roof Assembly Line

  Tesla Inc. has kicked off production of its long-awaited electricity-producing shingles that Elon Musk says will transform the rooftop solar industry. Manufacturing of the textured-glass tiles began last month at Tesla’s Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo, New York, according to an emailed statement from the Palo Alto, California-based company on Tuesday. It comes about four […]

January 4 2018

China’s Carbon Market Shows How U.S. Is Falling Behind: Q&A

China’s plan to trade carbon shows how far the U.S. has fallen behind other countries in managing emissions through financial systems, according to Paula DiPerna, special adviser with CDP North America (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project). On Dec. 19, China announced a cap-and-trade program aimed at reducing coal use in power plants, a move poised […]

January 3 2018

Coal Power Pace Slows in India as Glut Leaves Plants Unused

India is adding the least amount of coal-fired power in more than a decade as tepid demand from indebted state retailers fails to utilize the nation’s existing generation capacity. Coal-fired capacity, which accounts for more than three quarters of the nation’s electricity, rose by 809 megawatts during the April-November period, according to Bloomberg calculations based […]

December 27 2017

Autonomous Cars Need Tougher Batteries, Lithium-Ion Pioneer Says

Battery makers must rethink their technology if predictions for a wave of self-driving vehicles pan out, according to one of the inventors of the lithium-ion battery. In addition to focusing on making batteries more powerful to extend the driving range of single-owner cars, manufacturers will also need to develop devices that can withstand the rigors […]

December 22 2017

Why the Prospect of ‘Peak Oil’ Is Hotly Debated

The world is turning its back on oil. But how quickly? Technological advances driven by the threat of climate change could mean the world’s thirst for petroleum tops out sooner than companies such as Exxon Mobil Corp. or giant producers like Saudi Arabia are banking on. “Peak oil” has been debated for decades, but today […]


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