April 26 2010

Liebreich: Strong Tailwinds, but Clean Energy Share Prices Remain Becalmed

By Michael Liebreich Chief Executive Bloomberg New Energy Finance Since the end of last year, the news flow in the clean energy sector has been predominantly positive, yet share prices have remained becalmed. Since the disappointment of the Copenhagen COP 15 meeting last year, the policy emphasis has continued to shift from carbon to renewable […]

March 31 2010

Liebreich: A Large Number of Small Steps Can a Low-Carbon Revolution Make

By Michael Liebreich Chief Executive Bloomberg New Energy Finance The third Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit, which took place this month, was a great opportunity to take a step back from day-to-day concerns, consider how much progress the clean energy sector has made in the last decade, and reflect on where it is likely to […]

February 26 2010

McCrone: Will Clean Energy Ever Get its own Megacap Stocks?

By Angus McCrone Chief Editor Bloomberg New Energy Finance Take Apple, Intel and Microsoft. Or Cisco, Google and Amazon. Or China Mobile, Vodafone, and NTT DoCoMo. Whenever a young, fast growing sector comes of age, it spawns a handful of giant global companies that becomes staples in the portfolio of the general investor. Sounds sensible […]

January 27 2010

Liebreich: A Goldilocks Year for Clean Energy: Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold? Our 10 Predictions for 2010

By Michael Liebreich Chief Executive Bloomberg New Energy Finance So here we are in 2010. Last year finished with the disappointment of the much-hyped COP 15 meeting in Copenhagen, but we should not forget that we have seen a period of huge accomplishments for the clean energy industry. Here are my favourite milestones from the […]

December 22 2009

Liebreich: Clean Energy’s Though Year – What We Got Right and What We Got Wrong

By Michael Liebreich Chairman and CEO New Energy Finance This is the final VIP Brief of 2009, when we get to look back at the events of the last year. Fresh in As I write this, the world is picking through the wreckage of Copenhagen, looking for something to salvage from the debris. The “Copenhagen […]

November 26 2009

Liebreich: Copenhagen Is Dead – Long Live Copenhagen

By Michael Liebreich Chairman and CEO New Energy Finance Last month, speaking of December’s COP 15 negotiations in Copenhagen, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown said we had 50 days to save the world and “no Plan B”. At the recent UN Climate Summit in New York, the talk was of urging politicians to Seal the […]

October 22 2009

Liebreich: Inflation, Deflation and the Implications for Clean Energy

By Michael Liebreich Chairman and CEO New Energy Finance As investors around the world in all sectors – not just clean energy and carbon – try to work out how to play the recovery, they are facing their deepest quandary for decades. Will “quantitative easing”, near-zero interest rates and spiralling government deficits result in a […]

September 25 2009

McCrone: Copenhagen – Countries May Be Starting to See the Wood for the Trees

By Angus McCrone Chief Editor New Energy Finance It is bad enough getting older without actually having to watch the seconds drain away. For that reason, I suggest not looking at the website of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, where a digital clock remorselessly counts down the days, hours, minutes and seconds […]

September 1 2009

Liebreich: Feed-In Tariffs – Solution or Time-Bomb?

By Michael Liebreich Chairman and CEO New Energy Finance As the first of $163bn worth of promised stimulus spending starts to soak into the parched ground of the world’s clean energy industry, attention is shifting back to the perennial question of the policy mechanisms required to drive the roll-out of renewable energy over the longer […]

July 23 2009

Liebreich: Smart Grid – A Leap of Faith

By Michael Liebreich Chairman & CEO New Energy Finance Over the past five years the grid has moved from the periphery of discussions about how to restructure the world’s energy system, to its very heart. There have been three main reasons why even our daily papers have started enthusing about the smart grid. First, there […]


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