May 13 2021

Goldie-Scot: Time to Ask New, Hard Questions About Role of Natural Gas

There is a well-established narrative that natural gas is a transition fuel, an essential tool on the path to deep decarbonization. However, the present has a habit of getting in the way of the future.

April 22 2021

McCrone: Someone Just Pressed Fast-Forward On Energy Transition

Chief Editor, Angus McCrone, lays out seven of the main messages from the April 13-14 Summit on energy, finance and technology in this piece. .

March 3 2021

Liebreich: Climate and Finance – Lessons from a Time Machine

The global economy’s pivot to low carbon is gathering momentum. By the time of COP26 in Glasgow in November this year, countries responsible for 78% of global GDP will have pledged net-zero emissions by 2050 or, in the case of China and Brazil, 2060.

January 19 2021

Energy, Transport, Sustainability – 10 Predictions For 2021

Implicit in BloombergNEF's 10 Predictions for 2021 is an expectation that the Covid-19 health crisis will ease gradually during the course of this year, and that most economies will stage recoveries. Read our predictions for 2021 here.

December 16 2020

Cheung: 2020 Has Put Us Back in the Climate Fight

In the early weeks of the year, as it became clear that the pandemic would be the story of 2020, we at BloombergNEF found ourselves fielding a continuous stream of questions about how energy transition and climate action would be affected. Could it be that the energy transition would take a step backward this year?

December 3 2020

How Great Power Rivalry May Affect the Low-Carbon Revolution

Justin Wu, BNEF Head of APAC, covers the five technologies crucial to the low-carbon energy transition, examines how the U.S. and China compare in each, and explores what might happen if U.S.-China relations continue to deteriorate in this piece.

October 16 2020

Liebreich: Separating Hype from Hydrogen – Part Two: The Demand Side

In part two of his Hydrogen series, Michael Liebreich looka at the demand side of hydrogen.

October 8 2020

Liebreich: Separating Hype from Hydrogen – Part One: The Supply Side

On the surface, Hydrogen, the most common element in the universe, seems like the answer to every energy question. But, what drawbacks does it face?

August 7 2020

McCrone: Don’t Get Euphoric – Risks Yet For World Energy Transition

"I see five big hazards facing the low-carbon transition from the second half of 2020 onwards. The first of them concerns the months ahead and into next year, the others are more likely to have an impact in the medium term."

June 26 2020

Liebreich: Energy Efficiency Key To Covid Recovery

We are living through one of the most extraordinary years in recent history, a year none of us will ever forget. Much has been written about the parallels with 1918, the year of the Spanish Flu, but I want to start by taking you back even further, to 1868, a year in which a number of developments occurred which still resonate today.


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