July 2 2019

Bullard: Climate Change Puts Insurers to the Test

As the Bank of England tests the industry’s exposure to the effects of global warming and cybersecurity, it helps to treat these threats with the same measure of real urgency.

May 22 2019

McCrone: Marry Institutional Cash to Developing World Green Power

Developing countries have been identifying wind and solar as a ticket to economic opportunity – ever since the levelized costs of generation from these green sources fell close to, or below, those of the cheapest fossil fuel alternatives.

April 9 2019

McCrone: In Energy, Even The Incumbents Say “Viva La Revolucion!”

We are on the brink of a new decade. Now, you might say that the 2010s have been mixed at best – political and social divisions spring to mind – but they have prepared the ground for what looks set to be a low-carbon revolution in energy and transport throughout the 2020s, and beyond.

March 18 2019

Wilson: Japan’s Energy Transition – This Time It May Be For Real

Japan’s energy policy in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster eight years ago has been offering a mixed bag of support for renewables but also providing heavy, almost enthusiastic, support for conventional sources of energy such as oil, gas and coal. But signs of change have recently started to multiply.

March 11 2019

Bullard: Ask your central banker if climate change is hurting you

By the time financial companies realize just how natural disasters and rising seas will affect their business, it will probably be too late.

February 27 2019

Liebreich: Green New Deal – Trumpism With Climate Characteristics?

Michael Liebreich Senior Contributor BloombergNEF One of the most iconic images from the COP15 Climate Conference in Copenhagen in 2009 was the occupation of the conference center by protesters holding signs reading “We won’t leave until you reach a fair, ambitious and legally binding agreement.” Of course no such deal was reached, but the protesters […]

February 18 2019

Bullard: Dispelling the Myths of China’s EV Market

A number of myths and misconceptions still drive much of the perception of China's role in electric transportation.

January 7 2019

Bullard: 10 Charts That Tell Us Where We’re Headed

Climate change, electric vehicles, energy efficiency: What do the 2018 numbers tell us about 2019 and beyond?

December 7 2018

Liebreich: Two Business Cycles to Prepare for A Low-Carbon World

BNEF Senior Contributor Michael Liebreich takes the temperature of climate politics and examines the underlying reasons to be cheerful about the low-carbon transition.

October 29 2018

McCrone: Electric Cars and the Response of Tax-Strapped Governments

By Angus McCrone Chief Editor BloombergNEF Honeymoons are a time of passion. Afterward, the mood may cool just a little as the realities of washing dishes and paying mortgages sink in. Electric vehicles are currently in a honeymoon phase. You can see that in investors’ eyes: according to BNEF’s figures, Chinese EV companies accounted for […]


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