March 13 2018

Liebreich: Beyond Three Thirds, The Road to Deep Decarbonization

By Michael Liebreich Senior Contributor  Bloomberg New Energy Finance In my BNEF Summit keynote in London last September, I talked about how far clean energy and transport had come over the last fifteen years. Where renewable energy used to be dismissed as “alternative”, I talked about the “new orthodoxy” of what I called the Three-Third […]

March 2 2018

Bullard: The Future of Smartphones Is in Your Car

This article first appeared on Bloomberg View and the Bloomberg Terminal. By Nathaniel Bullard This week’s annual Mobile World Congress comes at a turning point for the industry: 2017 was the first year in four that mobile phone sales fell. The action on the convention hall floor, combined with some nearly buried findings in one operator’s annual results, […]

February 23 2018

McKerracher: BP’s Energy Outlook and the Rising Consensus on EV Adoption

By Colin McKerracher Strategic Lead for Transport  Bloomberg New Energy Finance BP’s 2018 Energy Outlook, published this week, is a thoughtful look at how the world will produce and consume energy over the next 20 years. These big integrated exercises are difficult. They require extensive modelling, industry knowledge, collaboration and invariably some late nights as […]

February 9 2018

Clean Energy’s Year of Trumping Dangerously

By Ethan Zindler Head of Americas Bloomberg New Energy Finance A year ago, I used this space to reflect on the election of Donald J Trump as President. For many, including me, the shock was still fresh as we watched Trump take the oath of office that damp day here in Washington, the wounds opened […]

February 5 2018

Bullard: A New Era of Transportation Transformation

This article first appeared on Bloomberg View and the Bloomberg Terminal. By Nathaniel Bullard Not since the years following the Civil War have Americans faced such civilization-defining change. One of the best books I read during my two weeks’ holiday was Robert J. Gordon’s “The Rise and Fall of American Growth: The U.S. Standard of Living Since the […]

January 16 2018

The Force Is With Clean Energy: 10 Predictions for 2018

By Angus McCrone, Chief Editor Bloomberg New Energy Finance It’s January, so that means it’s time for BNEF to look forward in time – and try to predict what 2018 will hold for the clean transition in energy and transport. Luckily, there is a new Star Wars film out, and I have tracked down the […]

January 9 2018

Where RoboTaxis Will Take Us in 2018

By Ali Izadi-Najafabadi, Intelligent Mobility, Bloomberg New Energy Finance Expect more consolidation and partnerships among ride-hailing companies in 2018 as the largest two players, Uber and Didi, prepare for likely initial public offerings in 2019, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Intelligent Mobility team. BNEF’s team also expects carmakers to further flesh out their strategies […]

January 8 2018

Bullard: 5 Things to Watch on Global Energy Front

This article first appeared on Bloomberg View and the Bloomberg Terminal. By Nathaniel Bullard Five events from 2017 hold clues to what lies ahead for energy, technology and finance: 1. Electric buses just keep on going:  The southern Chinese city of Shenzhen has amassed a total of 16,359 electric buses, making its fleet bigger than the six largest North […]

December 19 2017

Long-Term Clean Energy Optimism, Short-Term Caution

By Michael Liebreich, Chairman of the Advisory Board  and Angus McCrone, Chief Editor Bloomberg New Energy Finance At the beginning of 2017, we drew an analogy between the clean energy sector and the great explorers of the 15th and 16th centuries, embarking on epic journeys, driven by the scale the opportunities they knew awaited them, but […]

December 7 2017

Bullard: Who Will Fund Clean Energy?

This article first appeared on Bloomberg View and the Bloomberg Terminal. By Nathaniel Bullard People who invest in the world’s energy systems often want to know how many trillions of dollars will be needed to finance renewable energy and natural gas. One way to find the answer is to look at what those who have already invested trillions […]


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