December 14 2016

Liebreich: A year of hectic change and off-target predictions

Michael Liebreich, Chairman of the Advisory Board Bloomberg New Energy Finance Twitter: @MLiebreich Every January, Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Chief Editor Angus McCrone and I don our Nostradamus hats and try to predict what the coming year will bring. Then, each December, to keep ourselves honest, we revisit our predictions and mark our homework. Frankly, […]

November 18 2016

Zindler: Trump and clean energy – gloom, probability and hard realities

By Ethan Zindler Head of Americas Bloomberg New Energy Finance   Hello. As Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Americas chief and one of our de facto Washington “experts,” it has fallen to me to explain the meaning of the November 8 election results and the implications for the energy sector and the climate. Just one problem: […]

October 25 2016

McCrone and Liebreich: Two setbacks for clean energy – or times a-changin’?

By Angus McCrone, Chief Editor and Michael Liebreich, Chairman of the Advisory Board Bloomberg New Energy Finance   Two big, disconcerting clean energy stories hit the headlines in the last month. The first was our report that global investment in the third quarter of 2016 was down 43 percent on the same period a year earlier; […]

September 26 2016

McCrone: If interest rates turn, clean energy will find it tougher

By Angus McCrone Chief Editor Bloomberg New Energy Finance   The last time U.S. interest rates were on a sustained upward trend was just over 10 years ago, in summer 2006. George W Bush was president, ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ by Shakira was at the top of the charts on both sides of the Atlantic, and […]

August 22 2016

Liebreich and McCrone: Electric vehicles – It’s not just about the car

By Michael Liebreich, Chairman of the Advisory Board and Angus McCrone, Chief Editor Bloomberg New Energy Finance   One of the key characteristics of complex systems, such as the world’s energy and transport sectors, is that when they change it tends not to be a linear process. They flip from one state to another in a way […]

July 19 2016

Gombar: The 175GW renewables goal – An Indian rope trick?

By Vandana Gombar Policy Editor Bloomberg New Energy Finance   The Indian rope trick was a popular magical illusion of the 19th Century and beyond, involving a lot of smoke and other visual distractions, a coil of rope that uncurled and rose up improbably towards the sky and sometimes a small boy who climbed it. […]

June 27 2016

McCrone: How has energy’s long term changed in the last year?

By Angus McCrone Chief Editor Bloomberg New Energy Finance   It seems that what I did in the 1970s is suddenly catching up with me. Or, at least, so says my dentist. My choice of sugary drinks back then, and the resulting low-tech fillings, mean that nowadays I brace myself for trouble every time I […]

May 24 2016

Justin Wu: What does a China slowdown really mean for clean energy?

By Justin Wu Head of Asia-Pacific Bloomberg New Energy Finance   In the 18th century, Voltaire was in love with China. Though he had never been there himself, he read the numerous accounts of early Jesuit travelers to the country, and decided that there was much to admire. “The human mind cannot imagine a better […]

April 25 2016

McCrone: Summit 2016 – Will the future of energy have four corners?

By Angus McCrone Chief Editor Bloomberg New Energy Finance The U.S. Constitution famously is a three-cornered thing: executive, legislature and judiciary. So, arguably, is modern life – work, leisure, sleep – although some people might add a fourth (exercising thumb with mobile phone). How many corners does the future of energy have?To judge from this […]

March 22 2016

Liebreich: Europe at a clean energy crossroads

Chairman of the Advisory Board Bloomberg New Energy Finance Twitter: @MLiebreich   When Winston Churchill said of the Balkans that they “produce more history than they can consume”, he could have been speaking of the whole of Europe. The world in 2016 is facing perilous times, and no region other than the Middle East looks […]


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