July 3 2017

Bullard: Not All Fossil Fuels Are Going Extinct

This article first appeared on Bloomberg View and the Bloomberg Terminal. By Nathaniel Bullard Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s latest New Energy Outlook points the way to a sunny, windy future for the global electric power industry. That doesn’t mean that fossil fuels (or nuclear power) will vanish. It also doesn’t mean that all fossil fuels are the same. The future of natural gas and coal is […]

June 26 2017

Henbest: Energy to 2040 – Faster Shift to Clean, Dynamic, Distributed

By Seb Henbest Lead author, New Energy Outlook Head of Europe, Middle East and Africa Bloomberg New Energy Finance In the last 10 days, I have been travelling around North America presenting to senior executives from energy companies, policy-makers and investors a long-term forecast for the world’s electricity system that would have been seen as […]

June 19 2017

Bullard: Investing Trillions in Electricity’s Sunny Future

This article first appeared on Bloomberg View and the Bloomberg Terminal. By Nathaniel Bullard Bloomberg New Energy Finance has just published its fourth annual New Energy Outlook, a comprehensive forecast of the power industry from now to 2040. And every year, it is full of wonders. First among them for 2017 is an extraordinary showing for solar energy […]

May 24 2017

Liebreich: Six Design Principles for the Power Markets of the Future

By Michael Liebreich Chairman of the Advisory Board Bloomberg New Energy Finance For years, the most common question asked by outsiders of those in the clean energy industry was “when will renewable energy be grid-competitive”. Wind and solar needed subsidies in order to compete, and there was legitimate concern that as the sector scaled these […]

May 24 2017

Cheung: Power Markets Need a Redesign – Here’s Why

By Albert Cheung Head of Analysis Bloomberg New Energy Finance   As I write this, staff at the U.S. Department of Energy are busy working on a study which, in just 60 days, must provide answers to the question, “[Are] federal policy interventions and the changing nature of the electricity fuel mix… challenging the original […]

April 20 2017

McCrone: Companies buying green power – how big a trend?

By Angus McCrone Chief Editor Bloomberg New Energy Finance Over the last decade, there have been many developments in clean energy that have excited companies and investors. Some, like algae-based biofuels and the Clean Development Mechanism, have faded. Others, like electric vehicles and renewable power auctions, have justified the hype. One of the latest hot […]

March 14 2017

Zindler: Smart meters, inter-state transmission, EV charging – energy infrastructure needs in the US

By Ethan Zindler Head of Americas Bloomberg New Energy Finance The U.S. will need to rethink its whole approach to energy infrastructure in the years ahead, in order to position its economy to benefit from the age of the empowered consumer and of tumbling costs for solar panels and batteries. Below is a transcript of […]

February 21 2017

Future of Energy Summit 2017: People, transformations, and opportunities generated

By William Young, Summit Director (@wr_young) Bloomberg New Energy Finance   2011 was the first time BNEF brought the Summit to New York. We met in the Pierre, right by the corner of Central Park, and partied in the Vanderbilt Hall. Late one evening, I was accosted by an experienced climate change diplomat. A stream […]

January 18 2017

Liebreich and McCrone: The shift to ‘base-cost’ renewables: 10 predictions for 2017

By Michael Liebreich, Chairman of the Advisory Board (@MLiebreich) and Angus McCrone, Chief Editor Bloomberg New Energy Finance   When Christopher Columbus and the other great explorers undertook their epic voyages of discovery in the 15th and 16th centuries, they navigated a world of extraordinary risks. Buffeted by the worst storms the great oceans could throw […]

December 14 2016

Liebreich: A year of hectic change and off-target predictions

Michael Liebreich, Chairman of the Advisory Board Bloomberg New Energy Finance Twitter: @MLiebreich Every January, Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Chief Editor Angus McCrone and I don our Nostradamus hats and try to predict what the coming year will bring. Then, each December, to keep ourselves honest, we revisit our predictions and mark our homework. Frankly, […]


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