April 30 2014

McCrone: Summit 2014 saw clean energy on the attack

By Angus McCrone Chief Editor Bloomberg New Energy Finance To download the full VIP Comment in PDF format, click here. The 2014 World Cup, which kicks off in Sao Paulo in six weeks’ time, will serve up the usual struggle between teams that like to attack and teams that prefer to defend. Sometimes, it is […]

March 5 2014

Liebreich: Historic shift to cheap clean energy is being held back by over-regulation

Clean energy technologies are reaching a tipping point where they are competitive with incumbent fossil fuel solutions. However, statist regulatory approaches which mandate their use and stifle competition are keeping their prices unnecessarily high and holding back adoption.

February 25 2014

Bullard: Summit 2014 to debate “Phase Change” in world energy

By Nathaniel Bullard Director of Content Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit Twitter: @SolarConstant Click here to download the full VIP Comment in PDF. Our electricity system is a century old in concept and regulation, and in some cases physically as well. Its existence is predicated on solidity. Infrastructure is massive and fixed. Business models are […]

January 29 2014

Liebreich: A year of cracking ice: 10 predictions for 2014

And so it is January, time for me to put down on paper what I think the year ahead will bring to the clean energy sector. Last year I talked about clean energy having lived through its Battle of Borodino moment, and surviving to regroup. I am going to stick with Russia this year, but shift scenes.

December 18 2013

Liebreich: Energy transition advanced in 2013, though it may not feel like it

By Michael Liebreich Chief Executive Bloomberg New Energy Finance Download PDF here. Yes, it is the time of year when I have to pour a stiff drink, pull up a copy of the predictions I made at the start of the year, and see how many I nailed and how many turned out to be […]

November 26 2013

McCrone: Identify all elements of the energy puzzle, then look for answers

By Angus McCrone Chief Editor Bloomberg New Energy Finance Download PDF here. A few years ago, I spent a good half hour at a school parents’ quiz sweating over a question that posed the riddle “What is greater than God, more evil than the Devil, the poor have it, the rich need it, and if […]

October 30 2013

Liebreich: FiRe will light up the path to harnessing finance

In 1939, at the start of World War II, the countries that went on to defeat the Axis powers produced a total of 20,463 military aircraft of all sorts. By 1944, the final full year of the war, they were producing over 163,000. At the same time, performance improved dramatically: Britain’s iconic Spitfire boasted a […]

October 4 2013

McCrone: Clean energy: green shoots of institutional investment

Up until now, the seed of institutional investment in clean energy seemed to sit in fertile soil without much happening. However, green fronds are now beginning to appear, writes Bloomberg New Energy Finance's Chief Editor Angus McCrone.

August 29 2013

Caldecott: Will Old King Coal Continue to be a Merry Old Soul?

By Ben Caldecott Head of Government Advisory Bloomberg New Energy Finance Download the PDF here. Old King Coal has benefited from a run of good luck these past few years. First came the fabulous boom years of the first decade of this century. The Copenhagen climate talks loomed like a black cloud over the sector […]

July 25 2013

McCrone: The Strange Case of the Rally in Clean Energy Share Prices

By Angus McCrone Chief Editor Bloomberg New Energy Finance Download the PDF here. This coming Thursday brings an important anniversary. I am not referring to the news on 25 July 2012 that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un had married Ri Sol-ju, or to the ladies’ football matches played the same day, at the start of […]


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