July 10 2017

Lithium-ion Battery Costs: Squeezed Margins and New Business Models

This analysis is by Bloomberg New Energy Finance analyst Claire Curry. It appeared first on the Bloomberg Terminal and on BNEF.com.  Lithium-ion battery manufacturers built large amounts of capacity in 2011, expecting significant demand from EVs. But passenger EV sales were lower than expected in 2011-H1 2015, meaning demand for lithium-ion batteries was low and […]

July 7 2017

Clean energy investment – 2Q 2017 figures

The second quarter of 2017 saw $64.8 billion invested in clean energy around the world, up 21% from 1Q this year, but down 12% compared to 2Q 2016. New Investment in Clean Energy by Region, 1Q 2014 – 2Q 2017 ($BN) Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance All values nominal. This includes investment into all asset […]

July 7 2017

U.S. Utilities Offer Multiple Electric Car Charging Rates

This article first appeared on the BNEF mobile app and the Bloomberg Terminal. Over 25 utilities offer special tariffs for electric cars Charging rates are up to 95 percent lower at night EV charging tariffs for selected U.S. utilities (*) Indicates charging is discouraged. Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance Major U.S. utilities such as PG&E Corp., DTE Energy Co. and […]

July 6 2017

Electric Vehicle Outlook 2017

July 3 2017

Adding Solar to Wind Farms Lights Up Project Returns

This article first appeared on the BNEF mobile app and the Bloomberg Terminal. Solar equity IRR around 10% in southern U.S. states Project yields and NPV dramatically improved Solar fills the supply gaps when the wind is not blowing Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance Renewable energy project developers and owners are increasingly looking to co-locating wind and […]

June 27 2017

Long-Range EV Market Is Set to Get More Crowded by 2020

This article first appeared on the BNEF mobile app and the Bloomberg Terminal. 120 pure EV models will be on the market by 2020 Demand set to rise as electric options increase Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance The number of EV models available on the market is rising quickly. The first generation of battery electric vehicles were […]

June 26 2017

NEO 2017: Presentation at CSIS

On Wednesday 21 June, New Energy Outlook (NEO) lead authors Seb Henbest and Elena Giannakopoulou presented on the NEO 2017 findings at the Center for Strategic & International Studies’ (CSIS) Headquarters in Washington DC, followed by a Q&A and discussion hosted by Sarah Ladislaw, Director and Senior Fellow at CSIS.   View recording   Download slides  

June 23 2017

Electric Cars to Reach Price Parity by 2025

Falling battery costs set to reshape the auto industry Profit difficult in next three years, except for luxury cars U.S. medium segment vehicle price estimates Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance Note: Estimated pre-tax retail prices Automakers planning to sell electric cars between now and 2020 will struggle to make a profit, as electric vehicles will […]

June 19 2017

Rapid Growth in Data Centers a Boon for Lithium Batteries

This article first appeared on the BNEF mobile app and the Bloomberg Terminal. Data centers now rely on lead-based batteries for back-up BNEF estimates lithium will capture 33% market share by 2025 Annual data center lithium-ion penetration in North America and Europe, 2016-25 (GWh) Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance Data centers are the major purchasers of lead-based […]

June 15 2017

New Energy Outlook 2017


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