April 19 2016

Clean energy investment – Q1 2016 fact pack

China lull behind quiet Q1 for global clean energy investment. See the related press release here. Contents: 1. Clean energy coverage and definitions 2. Annual clean energy investment overview 3. Quarterly trends in clean energy: new investment 4. Quarterly trends in clean energy: funds in circulation 5. Clean energy indexes 6. Renewable energy capacity investment Download PDF

April 5 2016

Liebreich State of the Industry Keynote BNEF Summit 2016

Always one of our most-watched presentations, BNEF’s Chairman of the Advisory Board, Michael Liebreich gives his energy outlook for 2016 and beyond.To view the transcript, please click here.To watch the video, please click here. Download PDF

March 22 2016

UK Energy Efficiency Trends – March 2016

Energy Efficiency Trends is a quarterly report focused on the UK market, providing insight into non-residential energy efficiency. This edition takes the temperature of consumer and supplier market activity in the fourth and final quarter of 2015 (October-December). In headline, the key trends reported in Q3 have largely continued into Q4 – the ‘tale of […]

March 16 2016

Economics of residential demand response in Japan

The four smart community projects funded by the Japanese government, in collaboration with the private sector, included various residential demand response schemes. These demonstration experiments conducted from FY2011 – FY2015 have shown peak reduction levels of 10% to 20%by relying on a combination of technologies eg, Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) as well as time-of-use […]

March 16 2016

Supply-demand balancing system for electricity retailers

This case study discusses the community energy management system (CEMS) developed as part of the Kita Kyushu Smart Community Project by Fuji Electric. The Kita Kyushu project is one of the four smart community projects that were funded by the Japanese central as well as local governments in collaboration with the private sector. The primary […]

March 16 2016

Integration of transportation and energy data management systems to lower traffic congestion and emissions

This case study discusses Toyota Motor Corporation’s demonstration project on integration of the transportation data management system (TDMS) with the energy data management system (EDMS) to increase utilisation of public transportation systems to lower emissions as well as traffic congestion. This project dubbed “TDMS-EDMS”was part of the Toyota Smart Community project, one of the four […]

March 16 2016

Ultra-compact electric car sharing for last-mile mobility

This case study discusses Toyota Motor Corporation’s demonstration project on car-sharing using ultra-compact electric vehicles to overcome the last mile challenge for public transportation. Public transportation systems such as subways, light rail and bus rapid transit, typically have stations every one-mile or so. Access to these stations beyond an easy walking distance is known as […]

March 16 2016

Grid balancing using energy storage aggregation

This case study discusses the battery-based energy storage aggregation system developed as part of the Yokohama Smart Community Project. Dubbed battery SCADA, it has been used to explore how distributed battery-based energy storage systems can be virtually aggregated to provide ancillary services such as frequency regulation to the grid as well as peak-shifting for the […]

March 14 2016

Clean energy investment by the numbers, 2015

March 11 2016

Asia’s energy transition in an age of plenty

The Financial Stability Board’s Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures held its first plenary meeting in Asia on 9 March in Singapore. Bloomberg New Energy Finance delivered the following presentation, on clean energy in Asia and energy transition risks for commodities and the utility business model, at the Singapore Exchange. To download the full presentation […]


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