March 11 2016

Asia’s energy transition in an age of plenty

The Financial Stability Board’s Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures held its first plenary meeting in Asia on 9 March in Singapore. Bloomberg New Energy Finance delivered the following presentation, on clean energy in Asia and energy transition risks for commodities and the utility business model, at the Singapore Exchange. To download the full presentation […]

March 3 2016

Off-Grid Solar Market Trends Report 2016

The 1.2 billion people living without access to the power grid spend about $27 billion annually on lighting and mobile-phone charging with kerosene, candles, battery torches or other fossil-fuel powered stopgap technologies. Solar-powered portable lights and home kits offer a better service at lower cost. This report takes stock of what the emerging off-grid solar […]

February 4 2016

Sustainable Energy in America 2016 Factbook

OVERVIEW To download the full report in pdf, click here. Now in its fourth year, the Sustainable Energy in America Factbook series documents the revolution transforming how the US produces, delivers, and consumes energy. The 2016 Factbook provides an update through the end of 2015, highlighting a number of key developments that occurred as the long-term transformation […]

January 27 2016

Mapping the Gap: the Road from Paris

FINANCE PATHS TO A TWO-DEGREE FUTURE Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Ceres and Ken Locklin have collaborated to examine more closely total volumes of capital that will be required to fund clean energy power project development in the electric sector over the next 2.5 decades. The project’s goals: ˗ To examine total volumes of capital required […]

January 22 2016

2015 League Tables: Clean Energy and Energy Smart Technologies

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) Clean Energy & Energy Smart Technology League Tables are the most transparent and comprehensive benchmarks for identifying active clean energy investors, project financiers, investment banks and law firms. The tables in this report cover deals across asset finance, M&A, venture capital / private equity and public markets that have been […]

January 21 2016

UK Energy Efficiency Trends – January 2016

Energy Efficiency Trends is a quarterly report focused on the UK market, providing insight into non-residential energy efficiency. This edition (Vol. 13) takes the temperature of consumer and supplier market activity in the third quarter of 2015 (July-Sept), and it does feel something of a ‘tale of two sectors’ this time. On the supplier side, […]

January 7 2016

Green Bonds: Debt capital markets and the low-carbon transition

In the past two years, green bonds have more than tripled in size – from $11B in 2013 to $36.6B in 2014. And the number is only growing thanks to wide-spread interest from the debt capital markets. This explosive growth did not go unnoticed at COP21 in Paris. At the OECD headquarters, Lenora Suki, Bloomberg’s […]

December 17 2015

Impact of tax credit extensions for wind and solar

See our five-year outlooks for wind and solar growth here. Congress is on the verge of a making a historic move today that will be a major boon for clean energy over the next five years and beyond. What’s potentially at stake: approximately $73bn in new investment and 8 million more households to be powered […]

December 9 2015

Distributed Solar and Storage Technology Roadmap

Distributed solar and storage could play a key role in reducing emissions, strengthening grid resilience and improving energy access. The future of these technologies is explored in this roadmap, commissioned by the Innovation for Cool Earth Forum (ICEF). The focus lies on solar and storage technologies for individual buildings and community microgrids (as opposed to […]

November 23 2015

CLIMATESCOPE 2015 – full report

This is the fourth edition of Climatescope, a unique country-by-country assessment, report and index, offering the clearest picture yet of clean energy in 55 emerging markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America & the Caribbean.


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