October 19 2016

Corporate Renewable Energy Procurement Monthly – October

This is the second issue of Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s monthly analysis of corporate renewable energy procurement. This series will highlight recent contracts signed between renewable energy asset owners and corporate off-takers, relevant policies and power market changes from around the world, and include interviews with key players. We will also include data on contract volumes, power […]

October 11 2016

An Integrated Perspective on the Future of Mobility

To view a city from above is to observe a world in motion. Trains carry people to and from work; taxis circulate in abstract patterns; trucks deliver goods and carry away garbage; pedestrians hustle down city blocks; cyclists zip through traffic. Mobility is the lifeblood of our cities and essential for urban life. What, then, […]

October 11 2016

Liebreich State of the Industry Keynote EMEA Summit 2016

Always one of our most-watched presentations, BNEF’s Chairman of the Advisory Board, Michael Liebreich gives his energy outlook for 2016 and beyond. Download the slides below. View full keynote.   Download the slides.

October 10 2016

Clean energy investment – Q3 2016 fact pack

Summer lull in Europe, Asia slowdown make for weak clean energy investment in third quarter Highlights of Q3 included two $1bn early-stage financings for Chinese electric vehicle companies. See the related press release here. Contents: 1. Clean energy coverage and definitions 2. Annual clean energy investment overview 3. Quarterly trends in clean energy: new investment […]

October 7 2016

How can pay-as-you-go solar be financed?

This white paper was developed by Bloomberg New Energy Finance in partnership with:       Pay-as-you-go solar companies are the start-up community’s proposed answer to the challenge of 1.2bn people living outside the reach of the electricity grid. To scale, they need debt capital. Lots of it. Some operators are creating structured finance products […]

September 19 2016

Corporate Renewable Energy Procurement Monthly – First edition

Google added 236 megawatts to its European renewable energy portfolio on June 30, making it the largest procurer of renewables through so-called power-purchase agreements in the region. The company cemented its leadership in a trend that has been growing since about 2013, when generous and abundant public subsidies in much of Europe began to be […]

September 6 2016

UK Energy Efficiency Trends – September 2016

Energy Efficiency Trends is a quarterly report focused on the UK market, providing insight into non-residential energy efficiency. This edition examines consumer and supplier trends in the second quarter of 2016 (March-June) and provides invaluable insight on the immediate impact of the UK’s decision to exit the EU. Last quarter’s survey results were clear; respondents […]

August 25 2016

Finance guide for policy-makers

About the Finance Guide The Paris UN Climate Agreement in December 2015 refocused attention on the need to mobilize substantial private capital flows into climate solutions at the pace and scale required to combat climate change with the required urgency. Implementation of national clean energy or ‘green’ infrastructure plans will require unprecedented levels of private […]

July 14 2016

Clean energy investment – Q2 2016 fact pack

Clean energy investment in 2016 undershooting last year’s record. Investment slowdowns in China and Japan, as well as further reduction in the cost of solar, mean 2016 investment will fall well short of 2015’s upwardly revised $348.5bn. See the related press release here. Contents: 1. Clean energy coverage and definitions 2. Annual clean energy investment […]

June 14 2016

New Energy Outlook 2016: Powering a changing world


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