June 9 2021

The One Percent Milestone

Just over 44% of all the EVs are in China, and about 35% are in Europe.

June 3 2021

Where Blockchain Can Help the Environment, Not Hurt It

Bitcoin's price plunge, alongside Elon Musk’s comments about its power consumption, has magnified the world’s attention on the cryptocurrency and its environmental impact. Yet blockchain technology could be very useful for a green future.

June 1 2021

How Big Investors Make Money in U.S. C&I Solar

Asset managers like Blackrock, Blackstone, Brookfield, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley are active in the U.S. commercial and industrial (C&I) solar market.

May 28 2021

Startup Innovations To Tackle Freight Decarbonization: BNEF Climate Technology White Papers

There is an urgent need to scale new climate technology innovations that can deliver equitable, economic and timely decarbonization.

May 27 2021

U.K. Green Homes Grant Reversal Halves Heat Pump Outlook

The U.K. government will not deliver the full budget initially promised to its 3 billion-pound ($4.2 billion) green stimulus program - the Green Homes Grant.

May 25 2021

Wind Power in 2020s Must Focus on Capability, Not Cost

As wind becomes the incumbent technology in many markets, it will shoulder greater power system responsibilities, and face more scrutiny over its sustainability.

May 19 2021

How New U.S., Canada and Japan Climate Targets Reshuffle the Deck

World leaders gathered April 22 for the U.S.-organized Earth Day summit to discuss boosting their climate ambitions.

May 19 2021

The EU and Border Adjustments – Net Zero Meets Zero-Sum

The European Union’s answer to the free-rider problem is taking shape. The bloc proposes to extend CO2 pricing to imports by 2023 through a carbon border adjustment.

May 11 2021

Latin America Set for Record Wind, Solar Expansion in 2021

New wind and solar additions will roar back across Latin America this year, following a tough 2020. BloombergNEF expects new installations to exceed 10 gigawatts (GW) for the first time.

May 5 2021

‘Green’ Hydrogen to Outcompete ‘Blue’ Everywhere by 2030

'Blue' hydrogen production facilities -- those that use fossil fuels with carbon capture and storage (CCS) -- may be cost-competitive for only a limited period of time.


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