August 15 2023

Electric Cars Have Dented Fuel Demand. By 2040, They’ll Slash It

Global oil demand is set to reach a new record high this year, with over 102 million barrels consumed every single day, almost half of it by vehicles. 

August 9 2023

Green Hydrogen to Undercut Gray Sibling by End of Decade

Hydrogen may be a small molecule, but it’s hugely important when it comes to decarbonizing industry.

August 7 2023

Battery Bloat Could Backfire on Electric Vehicle Manufacturers

In BNEF’s recent Electric Vehicle Outlook, we analyzed what happens to demand for batteries under different EV range scenarios.

August 3 2023

California Carbon Price Hits a Peak as Supply Cuts Loom

California carbon has hit its highest price since November 2021, rising to $36.14 per metric ton after supply-curbing scenarios were presented by the state’s carbon market regulators on July 27.

August 1 2023

Soaring Costs Stress US Offshore Wind Companies, Ruin Margins

The US offshore wind industry faces a perfect storm of rising costs, permitting delays and grid connection hurdles – all leading to low returns.

July 26 2023

Carbon Prices Can Both Help and Hinder a Path to Net-Zero

Carbon prices are increasingly touted as a key decarbonization tool for policymakers, but they can have very different impacts on investment, inflation and price volatility depending on how they’re applied.

July 25 2023

2023 Hydrogen Levelized Cost Update: Green Beats Gray

The levelized cost of hydrogen (LCOH2) has risen slightly in 2023 due to inflation and higher financing costs.

July 21 2023

BloombergNEF Delivers the Facts at Annual Energy Ministers Gathering in India

Energy ministers from the world’s largest economies and other nations are gathering this week in Goa, India for the 14th annual Clean Energy Ministerial and 8th annual Mission Innovation conferences.

July 19 2023

Sustainability-Linked Bonds Have Long Road to Drive Impact

Sustainability-linked bonds are currently a very small corner of the sustainable debt market, representing just 4% of the $6.4 trillion of issuance to date.

July 12 2023

Brighter US EV Outlook as Flock of Tesla Charging Adopters Grows

Tesla’s deal to share its fast-charging network for electric vehicles with Ford and General Motors could change the game in the US.


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