September 1 2020

Downstream Oil Investment Shrugs Off Covid-19

Global oil refining capacity is set to continue to expand despite the demand and price shock caused by Covid-19.

August 20 2020

Waymo, GM Robotaxis Coming to a Street Near You by 2040

Sales of completely autonomous cars will scale rapidly from the mid-2030s, according to BloombergNEF.

August 20 2020

China EV Sales Inch Toward Recovery with 30% Jump in July

Sales of passenger electric vehicles (EV) in China grew by nearly 30% in July from a low base last year, ending a year long decline.

August 13 2020

Power Sector To Spend $5 Billion on Software by 2025

New BloombergNEF research shows that the power sector will spend $3.2 billion on software in 2020 to optimize the performance, costs and revenues of generation and grid assets.

August 5 2020

Recycling Plastics Helps the Oceans, Not the Climate

An improved recycling scenario, where all plastic waste is captured and recycled by 2050, offers carbon emissions reductions of only 14% compared to the baseline.

July 28 2020

U.S. Renewable Jet Fuel Production Soars Despite Covid

U.S. production of renewable jet fuel jumped to over 1 million gallons in 2Q 2020 – almost double the output from a year earlier and a fourfold increase from 1Q 2020.

July 13 2020

China Steps Up With Tougher Data Security Regulation

China's lawmakers are reviewing the new data security law proposed. If passed, it will be the first enforceable law in China that regulates data use and protects data privacy.

July 13 2020

Hitachi-Microsoft Partnership Reflects Big Digital Trend

Industrial conglomerates and technology companies have formed a web of partnerships lately aiming to make money from their customers' digital transformations.

July 13 2020

Caterpillar Acquires Autonomy Expertise for Heavy Industry

The mining sector has the highest adoption of off-road autonomous vehicles, supplied by industrials like Caterpillar and Komatsu.

June 25 2020

District Heat Networks Need the Private Sector to Deliver a Net-Zero Transition

As net-zero targets ramp up, the world is re-engineering how it stays warm - and cool. Policy makers, property developers and utilities are turning to district heat networks to provide low-carbon heating and cooling without blowing out carbon budgets.


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