May 3 2022

Counting Cash in Paris Aligned Pathways

As policy makers endeavor to keep global CO2 emissions in check, debate swirls over how much capital will be needed to transition swiftly but smoothly from fossil fuel reliance to cleaner sources.

April 28 2022

Wind and Solar Corporate PPA Prices Rise Up To 16.7% Across Europe

Corporate power purchase agreement (PPA) prices across Europe have increased 7.2% on average since 2H 2021 and an astonishing 13.5% since 2H 2020, according to our latest European Corporate PPA Price Survey.

April 27 2022

Climate Transition an Accelerating Threat to Corporate Futures

Climate transition risks today already influence a variety of corporate decisions from restructurings to partnerships. As the shift to net-zero accelerates, it will continue to drive new strategies and investment plans.

April 19 2022

Fashion Reins In Consumption by Designing In Circularity

As younger consumers in particular take account of the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions, and the dollar to be made from selling their old clothes, brands from H&M to Patagonia are realizing the added benefits of playing their part in resale.

April 14 2022

Grid Operators Seek to Speed Up Time to Connect Renewables

As countries seek to reduce their reliance on fossil fuel imports from Russia, the prospect for renewables has never looked brighter.

April 13 2022

Europe’s Path to Clean Energy: A $5.3 Trillion Investment Opportunity

Europe’s energy crisis and rising climate ambition has renewed momentum among policymakers to diversify and decarbonize the energy system.

April 7 2022

Tech Giants Launch Emissions Tracking Tools for Scope 3

Cloud and software companies have some of the strongest emissions reduction goals and they are developing new digital tools to support their customers' decarbonization too.

April 6 2022

Electric Vehicles Start Gaining Traction in Latin America

Electric vehicles sales are rising in Latin America, with luxury car buyers driving the uptick. The region registered nearly 25,000 EVs sold in 2021.

March 21 2022

Climate Funds Heat Up Raising $2.8 Billion in Three Months

Thirteen climate-focused venture capital and private equity funds closed in the past three months, raising $2.8 billion of fresh capital.

March 18 2022

Europe Plans Break From Russian Gas

Europe plans to urgently diversify its gas supplies, while accelerating decarbonization efforts to reduce overall gas use.


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