August 29 2018

BNEF Executive Forum: The Future of Energy and Mobility in India

A Bloomberg NEF (BNEF) event, in partnership with BNEF’s first Executive Forum was held in Delhi on July 6, 2018, with a focus on disruption in the energy and transport industries. The event, hosted by Jon Moore, CEO of BNEF, convened thought leaders and CEOs from India’s leading oil, gas, power, auto and technology companies […]

August 21 2018

India’s EV Push to Focus on E-Buses, Taxis, Three Wheelers

India’s efforts to support electric vehicles are likely to center more on public transport and “fleet operations” such as taxis and three-wheelers. This will be at the expense of private vehicles, according to our 3Q Global Electrified Transport Market Outlook. “We remain optimistic on India’s e-bus market, but do not expect large numbers of passenger […]

August 20 2018

Irish Green Auctions Too Little, Too Late for 2020 Target

This article first appeared on the BNEF mobile app and the Bloomberg Terminal. First substantial renewable energy subsidy since 2015 Clean energy investment has plateaued in the interval The Irish cabinet has approved the overall design of the forthcoming renewable support program. Despite the government’s aims, Bloomberg NEF doesn’t expect the auction system to be sufficient to enable […]

August 15 2018

U.S. Utility Investment is Booming, but Sales Are Not Keeping Up

One of our latest reports highlights a divide between the growth of U.S. utility investments and the sales that pay for them.   A booming market U.S. utility investment has been on a tear. In 2016, regulated utilities invested $73.5 billion in property, plant and equipment, more than twice in real terms what they spent […]

August 9 2018

Corporations Already Purchased Record Clean Energy Volumes in 2018, and It’s Not an Anomaly

A new report from Bloomberg NEF shows that corporations have already purchased 7.2GW of clean energy globally in 2018 through July, shattering the previous record of 5.4GW for the whole of 2017. Companies have now signed long-term contracts to purchase solar and wind in 28 markets, and the number of industries involved in clean energy […]

August 7 2018

Digital Tech and industrial IoT Startups Raise $2.3bn in H1 2018

This article first appeared on the BNEF mobile app and the Bloomberg Terminal. $434m raised by industrial cybersecurity in June Investors include Microsoft, BP Ventures, Samsung NEXT   June 2018 saw $668 million invested by the venture capital and private equity community into industrial digital technologies. This is almost triple what was raised in April or May, and […]

August 2 2018

World Reaches 1,000GW of Wind and Solar, Keeps Going

Bloomberg NEF data indicate that the world has attained the landmark figure of 1TW of wind and solar generation capacity installed. We estimate that the second terawatt of wind and solar will arrive by mid-2023 and cost 46% less than the first. New output from the BNEF database shows that there were 1,013GW of wind […]

July 30 2018

How the World’s Governments are Approaching Earth-Friendly Investing

This article first appeared on Bloomberg View and the Bloomberg Terminal. By Nathaniel Bullard and Daniel Shurey. Green bonds are a fast-growing financial instrument, with annual issuances of less than a billion dollars a decade ago having grown to more than $170 billion last year. They’re increasingly popular as a way to fund environmentally friendly infrastructure, energy efficiency and […]

July 23 2018

Electric Vehicles Edging Out Gas-powered Ones in India

This article first appeared on the BNEF mobile app and the Bloomberg Terminal. Electric three-wheelers cheaper than gas-based units Electric taxis and buses to be competitive by 2025-27   Timeline of EV cost parity in India versus NGV Natural gas vehicles (NGVs) – mostly used for public transport in India – are seeing stiff competition from electric vehicles. […]

July 2 2018

China Remains Largest Country-source of Green Bonds, with $30 Billion Issuances in 2017

Chinese global issuance of green bonds declined 12% in 2017 compared to the previous year, according to data tracked and tagged by Bloomberg. Issuers continued to be large, state-owned financial institutions but participation is growing from corporations and municipalities. With monetary policy and lending rules expected to tighten across the Chinese economy in 2018, BNEF […]


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