November 9 2017

Energy for Growth

November 9 2017

Digitalization of Energy Systems

As electrical grids evolve to meet the needs of the 21st century, one thing is clear: digitalization will be everywhere. It’s already helping keep the transmission grid stable by balancing reserves from intermittent sources like wind and solar. As more connected sensors are put in place, digitalization will help cut costs by improving efficiency in […]

November 8 2017

How to Mitigate Renewables Risks in Emerging Markets

This analysis is by Bloomberg New Energy Finance analyst Victoria Cuming. It appeared first on the Bloomberg Terminal and on  Every renewable energy project entails risk, but one in an emerging market can mean more, and different types of, risk including: political change, offtaker non-payment, power purchase agreement talks with no deal, currency fluctuation, […]

November 7 2017

Shell Acquisition Shows EV Charging Market Consolidation

This article first appeared on the BNEF mobile app and the Bloomberg Terminal. Shell recently bought NewMotion, with 30,000 charging points Shell joins other energy majors active in electric mobility Number of electric vehicles on the road in Europe Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Marklines Large energy companies are snapping up groups active in EV […]

November 7 2017

4Q 2017 Frontier Power Market Outlook

Micro-grid project activity in the past quarter has given way to larger development financing commitments and policy statements, led by India’s announcement to complete rural electrification in fifteen months. Niche markets such as telecom towers, solar irrigation and home systems have seen most activity and growth, albeit from a small base. Number of Indian households […]

November 7 2017

Clean Energy Investment in Emerging Markets

Since 2010, emerging markets have accounted for a larger share of global clean energy investment than the rest of the world. But from 2015 to 2016, these countries recorded their deepest year-on-year decline ever, in dollar terms. This analysis reviews clean energy financings in 106 emerging market nations and explores why capital flows appear to […]

November 7 2017

Clean Energy and the Paris Promises

The 2015 Paris Agreement saw virtually every nation on Earth pledge to address the threat of climate change. Each country’s Nationally Determined Commitment (NDC) was unique, determined largely by economic and political circumstances. But nearly all presented opportunities for clean energy as zero-carbon technologies must inevitably be deployed if countries want to keep their power […]

November 6 2017

Microsoft Signs Largest Corporate PPA in Europe

This article first appeared on the BNEF mobile app and the Bloomberg Terminal. Tech giant will purchase 180MW from Vattenfall wind farm Companies have purchased 360MW of renewables in EMEA in 2017 EMEA corporate PPA volumes, by technology Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Note: Other refers to biomass & waste, hydro and geothermal projects, EMEA […]

October 31 2017

Distributed Energy Software Is the Next Frontier

This article first appeared on the BNEF mobile app and the Bloomberg Terminal. Diversified industrials are developing new capabilities So-called Derms are emerging software-based technologies   Vendors have different distributed energy management capabilities  Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance.  Diversified industrials, such as ABB Ltd., General Electric Co., Schneider Electric SE, and Siemens AG, are actively […]

October 25 2017

Mapping China Renewables Curtailment and Coal Risks

The world’s largest power system will face serious challenges in the next few years. In the previous decade, spurred by rapid power demand growth, generous subsidies, and regional industrial competition, China over invested in new generation capacity. By the end of 2016, the national power market was oversupplied by 35%. China’s power generators, both renewable […]


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