April 25 2017

Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope Launch ‘Climate of Hope’ at BNEF Global Summit 2017

Since top down international solutions for mitigation of the worst effects of man-made climate change were abandoned, a practical and optimistic conversation has begun to permeate the international stage. Paris was a punctuation mark, clean energy cost improvements a critical encourager. At The Future of Energy Global Summit in New York City, April 24, 2017, […]

April 25 2017

Michael Liebreich State of the Industry Keynote at BNEF Global Summit 2017

Michael Liebreich, BNEF Chairman of the Advisory Board,  gives his much-anticipated ‘state of the clean energy industry’ keynote at BNEF’s Future of Energy Global Summit in New York, April 2017. View the slides of the presentation here, and watch the video below.

April 7 2017

How Will EV Charging Impact the Power System?

Analysis by Jonas Rooze & Andreas Gandolfo Electric vehicles are an agent of change for not only the vehicle owner but also power generators and the power system.  But when, and how will this change take place? This video explores the different scenarios that we will face. Will supply follow demand or vice versa? Watch our […]

April 7 2017

The Role of Natural Gas in Energy Markets

Analysis by Ashish Sethia Since the shale boom in the US in 2008, natural gas has seen its role in the energy market expanding. Known as the transition fuel or bridge fuel, natural gas is seen as a half-way between coal power and renewable energy in terms of emissions. The gas industry faces two main […]

April 7 2017

Hydrogen’s Future in Grid Transformation

Analysis by Claire Curry Is hydrogen experiencing a comeback? Hydrogen could help integrate renewables into the grid, replace natural gas heating, and contribute to decarbonizing transportation. However it still faces many obstacles such as inefficiency, high prices, and market fragmentation. Watch our Summit Short video below to find out more. Discover more of our videos on The role of […]

December 14 2016

EMEA Summit 2016 highlights

The BNEF Future of Energy Summit returned to London on October 10-11, 2016. Hundreds of attendees joined our speakers to discuss current and future energy trends. Watch the highlights below. Click here to visit our Summit page.

December 14 2016

April 24-25: The Future of Energy Summit, New York

November 14 2016

BNEF’s view: Asia’s energy future

Kobad Bhavnagri presents BNEF’s view on what the future of energy in Asia will look like. Learn more about the APAC Summit.

November 14 2016

BNEF’s view: Investing in Europe after BREXIT

Seb Henbest presents BNEF’s view on the impact of BREXIT on investing in the UK and European power sectors, at the APAC Future of Energy Summit in Shanghai, November 2016. Learn more about the APAC Summit.

November 12 2016

Yimin Wang, GEIDCO Secretary-General: Welcome address

[In Chinese] Yimin Wang, Secretary-General of the Global Energy Interconnection Development & Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO) welcomes the audience at the APAC Future of Energy Summit in Shanghai, November 2016. Learn more about the APAC Summit.


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