February 1 2017

Frontier Power Insight: webinar replay

Advances in distributed technologies at the frontiers of today’s energy system can now provide power where the traditional grid is nonexistent, inadequate, or too distant for connection. Because they are modular and scalable, technologies such as PV and electricity storage promise to provide better and more resilient services which can be installed on a small scale […]

January 11 2017

The evolution of European electricity market reform

The European power market is struggling to adapt to changes brought about by the growth of renewable sources of energy. BNEF analyst Jonas Rooze discusses the implications with power industry executives attending the BNEF Future of Energy Summit in London. (Source: Bloomberg)

November 29 2016

BNEF’s Wu on the future of clean energy investment

The quality of air in Beijing fell short of national standards on 179 days last year. That is one reason why China is likely to continue to tackle pollution. However global investment in clean energy in the third quarter fell 43% on the year. Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Justin Wu discusses the issue on “Bloomberg […]

November 24 2016

BNEF’s Munro on possible tailwinds for clean energy under Trump

Donald Trump has been clear and vocal of his stance on climate change and several of his policies threaten to put a damper on the rapidly-growing clean energy industry. Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Stephen Munro reports. (Source: Bloomberg)

November 8 2016

Analyst Quick Take: $150bn search for growth utility

Utilities which struggle with sluggish growth due to decreasing power demand can look at adjacent industries to learn how to add value to consumers. Watch the video to learn more.

August 11 2016

BNEF’s Zindler on the industry impact of a potential Tesla-SolarCity deal

Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Ethan Zindler and Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson discuss the industry impact of a potential deal between SolarCity and Tesla. They speak with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

June 16 2016

New Energy Outlook 2016: Watch the story unfold

New Energy Outlook (NEO) is Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s annual long-term view of how the world’s power markets will evolve into the future. Learn more about NEO 2016 | See press release | View the original infographic

June 14 2016

BNEF’s Wu on Asia’s Energy Sector Outlook

Bloomberg New Energy Finance has just released its annual long-term forecast for the future of energy, the New Energy Outlook 2016 (#NEO2016). Bloomberg’s Justin Wu discusses the key takeaways for Asia on “First Up” on Bloomberg TV. For more on #NEO2016 and to download the executive summary, visit about.bnef.com/newenergyoutlook Join the conversation: twitter.com/hashtag/neo2016

April 27 2016

BNEF: Evolution of Natural Gas Prices

The “Evolution of Natural Gas Prices” depicts how spot and forward Henry Hub prices have moved in the past 10 years. Along with the prices, Bloomberg New Energy Finance also tracks the active gas rig count (Source: Baker Hughes), the production from 4 major shale plays (Source: Drilling Productivity Report from the EIA), and US […]

April 8 2016

The Market, The Challenge, The Future: Jon Moore and BNEF

As clean energy has become mainstream, Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) has become mainstream. For BNEF Jobs: http://bit.ly/1Mf4yxY


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