May 3 2023

Bacteria Fuel Tiny Protein Factories of the Net-Zero Future

Harnessing the power of these pint-sized protein powerhouses, MicroHarvest has developed a process for growing, harvesting, and drying fermented bacteria that are similar to the microbes found in yogurt or kimchi.

August 23 2022

Climate-Tech Innovation: 24/7 Clean Power

Driving power sector emissions down to zero is essential to achieve a net-zero economy.

July 18 2022

Going Beyond Recycling: Net-Zero Plastics

Governments and corporate net-zero commitments are pushing the petrochemicals industry to cut its emissions by 2050. Despite facing a more complex decarbonization path than any other sector, petrochemicals players’ net-zero targets cover more of the global manufacturing capacity than other heavy emitters like steel and cement. Electrification and carbon capture and storage are likely to play […]

January 22 2018

Solar Boom in China Pushes Clean Energy Investment Higher

“2017 was a year where China led the pack and everyone else came a distant second, including the US, where we saw about $57 billion of investment compared to about $130 billion in China.” Ethan Zindler, Americas head for Bloomberg New Energy Finance, discusses clean energy investment trends with Bloomberg’s Julia Chatterley and Scarlet Fu on […]

November 7 2017

Climatescope 2017: Two years post-Paris

Two years since the signing of the Paris climate agreement and eight years after Copenhagen, countries on both sides of the rich-poor divide are falling short on promises made to address climate change through clean energy investment, our research finds.   Beyond the drop seen 2015-2016, the longer-term trend is also potentially disconcerting for policy-makers. […]

September 14 2017

BNEF’s Sethia on LNG Global Demand Growth

Ashish Sethia, Lead Author of Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s (BNEF) Global LNG Outlook 2017, discusses findings from the report, launched on 13 September. He speaks on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia.” (Source: Bloomberg)

September 13 2017

BNEF’s Dialynas on Why LNG’s Looming Glut May Not Be as Big as Feared

Anastacia Dialynas, US Gas Analyst for Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), discusses findings from BNEF’s Global LNG Outlook 2017, launched on 13 September. She speaks with Bloomberg’s Vonnie Quinn on “Bloomberg Markets.” (Source: Bloomberg)

September 8 2017

Gas Markets Go Global: The Rise of LNG

What are the main drivers behind the global rise of LNG and who are the biggest players in the future? Watch our Summit Short video below to find out more.   This video is part of our Future of Energy Summit Shorts series. Join the conversation at #BNEFSummit

July 3 2017

BNEF’s Zindler: Renewables on Track to Generate a Third of World’s Power

Ethan Zindler, Americas head for Bloomberg New Energy Finance, discusses Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s forecast for the global energy industry. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Vonnie Quinn on “Bloomberg Markets.” (Source: Bloomberg)

June 27 2017

BNEF’s Bhavnagri on Renewables Outcompeting Coal on Cost

Solar power was once so costly it only made economic sense in spaceships. But Bloomberg New Energy Finance says it is now becoming so cheap, it will start pushing coal and natural gas plants out of business by 2040. Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Kobad Bhavnagri discusses the findings on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia.” (Source: Bloomberg)


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