China electric vehicles pay triple for public charging

This analysis is by Sophie Lu, Head of China Research for Bloomberg New Energy Finance. It appeared first on the Bloomberg Terminal. 

China electric vehicles owners could pay three times as much to use public charging stations as they would to charge up at home. Today, EV owners using public utility poles pay a bundled commercial power rate and a service fee that is four times the residential rate paid if charging at home. Few drivers are able to charge at home given the high cost of private parking spots. Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates the total five-year cost of vehicle charging in Beijing to be 2,500 yuan ($362) when charging is done at home, but 7,500 yuan if using a public charging station. Public chargers are also increasingly scarce, with 2.3 chargers per vehicle today.

Public Chargers Versus Passenger EVs In China, 2011-20e (Million Units)

china electric vehicles

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