China’s Rooftop Solar to Boom In 2018 With Deregulation

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  • Rooftop solar installations to reach 24 gigawatts in 2018
  • Rooftop solar 20% cheaper than regulated retail power

China’s distributed solar, wind, gas generation capacity poised to grow

Source: BNEF

As part of ongoing electricity market deregulation, distribution-grid-connected (DGC) generators will be allowed to sell power directly to neighboring industrial and commercial customers in February 2018 (as long as they’re connected to the same substation). BNEF estimates China had about 30 gigawatts of DGC capacity as of Q3 2017, of which over 90 percent is rooftop solar. The new policy will help rooftop solar projects reduce over-reliance on a single customer. Rooftop solar costs are already cheap enough to compete with industrial and commercial customer’s retail power prices in China. BNEF expects new rooftop PV installations to surge 70 percent in 2018, reaching 24 gigawatts.

BNEF clients can see the full research report, “China Pilots ‘Electricity Prosumer’ Model”, here.

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