New BloombergNEF & B20 Free Carbon Knowledge Hub Provides Transparency on CO2 Markets


New public web platform brings credibility to carbon markets with primers, factsheets and stories from experts

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Bali, Indonesia, November 12, 2022 – BloombergNEF (BNEF) and the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN), on behalf of B20 Indonesia, today announced the launch of the Carbon Knowledge Hub at the BNEF Summit in Bali. This free-to-all web platform provides companies and policymakers with the knowledge and insights to understand and take advantage of carbon markets.

An increasing number of governments and companies are looking to carbon markets as a way to meet their commitments to tackle climate change. But in addition to being a means of decarbonization, these markets also offer an economic opportunity: the total annual value of global compliance carbon trading is already in the hundreds of billions of dollars, and voluntary markets are set to follow suit. However, carbon trading is complex, with a plethora of asset types, mechanisms, systems and stakeholders – not to mention an abundance of acronyms and jargon. Existing information may be limited in terms of their scope or target audience, and users often cannot be certain about the reliability of the information.

The Carbon Knowledge Hub provides much-needed transparency and credibility through primers, in-depth factsheets and other resources by strategic research provider BloombergNEF. Materials are targeted at different levels of expertise – from beginners to more knowledgeable users, and cover compliance and voluntary carbon markets. In addition, the Carbon Knowledge Hub offers commentaries and interviews on the views and experiences of carbon market experts from its expanding community of partners.

The Carbon Knowledge Hub is part of the Carbon Centre of Excellence, which is one of the legacy programs of B20 Indonesia that aim to create a foundation for lasting, positive impacts across the G20 countries. B20 Indonesia is the official G20 dialogue forum with the global business community. BloombergNEF, as the program’s managing partner, will expand and enhance the Carbon Knowledge Hub going forward. In addition to the Carbon Knowledge Hub, KADIN Indonesia and its partners will regularly organize practice sharing sessions to support this initiative.

Jon Moore, Chief Executive Officer of BloombergNEF, said: “Carbon markets have a significant role to play in the energy transition and their importance is only set to grow. Making them more accessible and understandable through the Carbon Knowledge Hub is one crucial part of the puzzle. BloombergNEF is honored to have had the opportunity to collaborate with both the B20 and Kadin teams and to support the B20 Legacy Programs.”

Shinta Kamdani, Chair of B20 Indonesia; Coordinating Vice Chair on Maritime, Investment & International Affairs at KADIN; CEO of Sintesa Group, said: “The B20 enables businesses and policymakers to address the energy transition as one the most pressing issues of our times. It is through the Carbon Center of Excellence as one of the B20 Legacy Programs that we aim to empower businesses to unleash carbon trading growth potential through the carbon knowledge repository and practice-sharing center. The cooperation with BloombergNEF as the managing partner of the Carbon Knowledge Hub is a way to drive cross-country collaboration supported by various global industry leaders and multinational organizations that are contributing and supporting partners.”

Arsjad Rasjid, Executive Chairman at KADIN; CEO of Indika Energy, said: “The Carbon Knowledge Hub is a culmination of collaborative efforts between BloombergNEF and KADIN Indonesia to expedite industry’s decarbonization. This knowledge repository and networking platform will certainly serve the global business community in navigating through their journey in discovering and understanding carbon markets. I call upon all business leaders to expand the hub’s content by contributing to this platform and to increase broader participation in both the compliance and voluntary carbon markets.”

Agung Wicaksono, Co-Lead (Practice Hub) of B20 Carbon Center of Excellence, said: “B20 Indonesia sees carbon markets as a strategic instrument to accelerate a just energy transition. Thus, we hope businesses are encouraged to participate in carbon markets upon learning more and are willing to sharing their stories for the Carbon Knowledge Hub.”

Dharma Djojonegoro, Co-Lead (Knowledge Hub) of B20 Carbon Center of Excellence said: “B20 Carbon Center of Excellence is a platform where businesses can all work together to understand all things related to carbon and accelerate a just energy transition. Please join in and let’s all together make this the great success the world needs this to be.”

The Carbon Knowledge Hub is accessible at Organizations interested in becoming partners of the Carbon Knowledge Hub can reach out to for more information.

Veronika Henze

B20 Indonesia Media Relations Unit

About B20 Indonesia
The Business 20 (B20) is the official G20 dialogue forum with the global business community. Established in 2011, B20 is the largest engagement group of G20 representing the voice of business communities  across G20 countries. Over the years, B20 leaders convene to formulate B20 policy recommendations addressing a wide-ranged of pressing issues in global economy and convey them to the G20 leaders, multinational organizations, and other relevant global economic stakeholders. This year, B20 Indonesia goes beyond policy recommendations and create programs (legacy programs) derived from B20 policy recommendations as platforms for B20 communities & its stakeholders to create real contributions and progress to the recommendations they advocated for. B20 Indonesia will officially convey its final recommendations and its outcomes to the G20 Leaders at the occasion of the B20 Indonesia Summit on the 13-14 November 2022.

About Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN)
Founded in 1968 and established by law in 1987, the Indonesia Chambers of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) is the umbrella organization for all Indonesian business chambers and associations, including foreign chambers of commerce. KADIN acts as the voice of the private sector and maintains close relations with government officials. KADIN’s mission is to support development of vital, sustainable, and equitable economic growth in Indonesia. Having its business network throughout 34 regional Chambers (Kadin Daerah) and 543 district branches, KADIN speaks on behalf of all major business associations, covering all relevant sectors of the Indonesian economy. In partnership with key government institutions, KADIN is an active partner in business and economic reforms. KADIN is the first contact point for foreign companies, as door-opener to the dynamic Indonesian private sector. This year, KADIN is appointed as the hosting organization of B20 Indonesia 2022.

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