New Energy Pioneers: Fluidic Energy

Founded: 2008

CEO: Chuck Ensign

HQ: U.S.


What does Fluidic do?

Fluidic Energy has successfully developed an alternative to lithium-ion for energy storage – a rechargeable, low-cost Zinc-Air battery with an embedded battery management software. Fluidic’s battery cells are a more robust and reliable alternative to the lead acid batteries and diesel generators that telecommunications and rural electrification micro-grids have previously relied upon.

How are they disrupting their industry?

Competing primarily against lead acid batteries and diesel generators, Fluidic has been disrupting the market without subsidies for the past 5+ years.

Fluidic has been delivering large commercial customers long-duration intelligent energy storage solutions in over 2,000 installations with 100,000+ batteries in 10 countries.


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