New Energy Pioneers: ROMO Wind


Wind knowledge is wind power


Founded: 2011

CEO: Jan Nikolaisen

HQ: Switzerland


What does ROMO Wind do?

ROMO Wind aims to improve the annual energy production and lifetime monitoring of wind turbines by frequently and accurately measuring wind speed and other wind metrics. Ultimately ensuing turbines preform at optimal levels and potentially, improving their lifetime.

ROMO Wind has already entered the European and North American markets and is expanding to Asia soon.

How are they disrupting their industry?

ROMO Wind’s technology can improve the accuracy and frequency of the measured wind speeds, increase the lifetime of wind turbines, increase the annual energy production and also give confidence to asset owners that their wind turbines are performing as expected.

BNEF estimates the total, global installed capacity of wind generation capactiy – on and offshore – to be around 480GW, a huge market for ROMO Wind to tap into.

CEO Jan Nikolaisen on the future of ROMO Wind:

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