New Energy Pioneers: SunCulture

Helping farmers grow more while spending less. 


Founded: 2012

CEO: Samir Ibrahim

HQ: Kenya


What does SunCulture do?

SunCulture designs, manufactures and finances solar-powered irrigation systems for smallholder farmers in Kenya and East Africa. The system replaces fuel pumps with a more efficient, environment friendly solar powered solution.

Aside from the main product, SunCulture offers a range of services to help farmers manage their crops, as well as a “Pay-As-You-Grow program” to help smallholder farmers with financing.

How are they disrupting their industry?
SunCulture has successfully developed a solar-powered irrigation solution that is tailored to smallholder farmers’ needs, budgets, and resistance to adopting overly sophisticated solutions.

CEO Samir Ibrahim on the future of SunCulture:

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