Sustainable Energy in America 2017 Factbook

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The 2017 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook marks the fifth year that BCSE and BNEF have collaborated to document the transformation of the US energy system and the growing contributions of sustainable energy technologies.

In the past five years, these contributions have been significant, including:

  • The addition of 76 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy generating capacity, and 39GW of natural gas-fired capacity. Renewables (inclusive of large hydro) and natural gas now meet half of US power demand, up from only 38% in 2011.
  • A 10% improvement in US energy productivity, meaning the US economy is using 10% less energy to power each unit of growth.
  • A 4% drop in average retail electricity prices in real terms. In New York, Texas, and Florida, prices have fallen over 10% in that time.
  • A 12% jump in total gas production, and a 79% surge in shale gas extraction since 2011.
  • A 12% improvement in vehicle fuel economy, propelled by federal fuel efficiency standards.

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sustainable energy america

Electric generating capacity built by fuel type (GW)

The 2017 Factbook provides an update through the end of 2016, highlighting a number of key developments that occurred as the long-term transformation of US energy continues to unfold. The rapid pace of renewable energy deployment accelerated, consumption and export of domestic natural gas hit record levels, and the economy grew more energy efficient than ever. Utilities ramped up investments in electric and natural gas transmission, helping to create a more reliable energy system. In the face of all this change, Americans are enjoying lower energy bills and are directing less of their household income to energy spending than at any other time on record.

The Sustainable Energy in America Factbook provides a detailed look at the state of US energy and the role that a range of new technologies are playing in reshaping the industry. The Factbook is researched and produced by Bloomberg New Energy Finance and commissioned by the Business Council for Sustainable Energy. As always, the goal is to offer simple, accurate benchmarks on the status and contributions of new sustainable energy technologies.

For more information, please visit the Factbook portal on the BCSE website:

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