Tech Giants Launch Emissions Tracking Tools for Scope 3

This article first appeared on the BNEF mobile app and the Bloomberg Terminal.

  • New tools help customers reduce carbon footprint of cloud
  • Managing Scope 3 emissions will require digital tools

Cloud and software companies have some of the strongest emissions reduction goals and they are developing new digital tools to support their customers’ decarbonization too. Since 2020, tech giants including Microsoft, Google and Amazon have launched new emissions tracking tools to help customers measure emissions associated with their cloud/software usage.

Microsoft’s Emissions Impact Dashboard allows customers to look at emissions associated with their monthly cloud usage, service type and data center region. AWS and Google Cloud have launched similar emissions tracking tools for their clients. SAP and IBM’s tools go beyond tracking emissions related to cloud usage: IBM’s Environmental Intelligence Suite helps customers track environmental metrics to predict disruptions and optimize operations.

Such tools benefit both technology providers and customers given that the same emissions under Scope 1 or 2 for one organization can be Scope 3 for another. As companies set net-zero goals, emissions tracking tools will grow in importance.

For more detail on these findings, an abridged version of the 2022 Energy Transition Investment Trends Report can be downloaded from this page. BNEF subscribers can find the full report on the client website and on the Bloomberg Terminal.

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