Global Gas and LNG Outlooks

BloombergNEF’s Global Gas and LNG seasonal outlooks are market fundamentals-based forecasts for global LNG, as well as the European, Asian and US gas markets, offering a view up to three seasons out. Explore the latest trends in our 2024 editions.

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BNEF publishes its Global Gas and LNG Outlooks twice a year. These are focused on market fundamentals and include analysis and forecasts for as many as the next three seasons.

The European Gas Market Outlook focuses on the supply-demand balance in the BNEF Europe Perimeter – Northwest Europe, Italy and Austria – a grouping that comprises the most actively traded and interconnected gas markets in western Europe.

The Global LNG Outlook provides a view on all the LNG supply and demand markets around the world, with a focus on Asia and Europe. As part of the Global LNG Outlook, BNEF also publishes separate breakout reports on China, Japan, South Korea, Emerging Asia (South Asia and Southeast Asia), global LNG supply and LNG trade.

The US Gas Outlook covers all major supply and demand fundamentals impacting underground gas storage, a key driver behind prices in the region, such as US gas production and pipeline exports to Mexico.

EU Gas
Gas demand destruction across Europe and strong LNG supplies into the region will continue playing a key role in keeping European gas balances healthy.

Asian Markets
The use of gas in power will play a key role in China’s gas demand growth in 2024, while more nuclear capacity coming online in Japan and South Korea will result in lower LNG imports.

US Gas
An unseasonably warm winter has pushed US gas inventories to seasonal highs despite record power sector gas consumption, intensifying the market’s need to find a balance over the coming seasons.

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